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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crisis caused by “Adults Only” movies in the Cairo International Film Festival

A responsible source at the CIFF management team has denied allegations of receiving a stern warning from the International Festivals’ Administration of diminishing the CIFF's international status due to its curators labeling some of the participating movies as for “Adults Only” –so they claim-.

The source confirmed that all these rumors are false, as no producers, foreign, or Arab directors participating in the festival have filed any complaints, thus denying any allegations claiming that the festival has received any warnings.

Movies List

Among the 67 movies participating this year from all over the world, there’s almost 50 of them labeled for “Adults Only”, perhaps the most prominent of which are the French film “Agent”, the Portuguese “Amalia”, the Hungarian “Days of Desire”, the Lithuanian “Lithuania”, the Croatian “I Believe in Angels”, the Greek “The Wolf”, the Korean “The Portable Phone”, the Estonian “Robbing the Bank”, the Spanish “The Frost”, the Finnish “The Forbidden Fruit”, the Indian “I am Scared”, the Danish “The Camp”, the Australian “Sun Heat”, and others.

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