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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why Men Fall Asleep After Sex

Seven things most men don’t know about their sexual health.
By Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen for MSN Health & Fitness

Sex and sleep

According to Dr. Billy Goldberg, co-author of Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?, there is little direct evidence explaining why men fall asleep. However, the chemicals oxytocin, prolactin, gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) and other hormones all contribute to “that roll-over-and-snore feeling” because they facilitate sleep.

“A man’s body chemistry changes after orgasm. The biochemical prolactin is released, physically altering his body and making him very tired,” says Dr. David McKenzie, a sex therapist in Vancouver, Canada.

Further, exertion during sex and after climax depletes the muscles of energy-producing glycogen, which leads to sleepiness. Since men have more muscle mass than women, they’re generally sleepier after sex.

Men’s libido goes up and down

Think PMS is only for women? Think again. Your monthly peaks and valleys are triggered by changes in testosterone that affect your mood, libido, energy level, beard growth and sperm count.

According to research by naturopathic physician Dr. Marcus Laux, men have more energy, a greater sense of well being, lower body weight and less need for sleep during the peak of their cycle. The valleys bring apathy, indifference and the tendency to magnify small problems into big ones.

“If you keep track of your personal cycles, whether it’s shifts in energy levels, mood or sex drive, you can anticipate changes,” says Laux. “Then, you can take advantage of the times you’re at your prime and better cope when you’re not feeling your best.”

Your penis is a barometer of overall health

Dr. Mehmet Oz, co-author of You: The Owner’s Manual, calls it your “dipstick” because it reveals the health of your other body parts. The physical mechanisms that send blood to your brain, heart and kidneys also inflate your penis. If it’s not standing tall, you may have arterial problems.

“A man’s lack of interest in sex is a big red flag that something is out of balance. Up to 25 percent of men have a low-to-no sex drive,” says Dr. Laux. “It could be even higher, as men don't talk about low libido.”

The possible causes of restricted blood flow include diabetes, endocrine disorders, heart and vascular problems or kidney diseases. “But,” says Laux, “don't rule out fatigue, psychological factors, relationship issues, poor nutrition, insomnia or lack of exercise.”

Disrupted sleep decreases erections

If you’re struggling with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), you’re at risk for sexual dysfunction. OSA is a sleep disorder that affects 18 million Americans—many of whom go undiagnosed—and causes sufferers to stop breathing dozens of times per hour.

OSA disrupts rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep, which is when men routinely experience erections. Decreased REM sleep means fewer REM erections, which affects sexual health. “It’s possible that men need to experience REM erections in order to maintain optimal sexual functioning,” says Dr. Charles Atwood, associate director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Sleep Medicine Center.

“If you have erectile dysfunction, you should get tested for OSA,” he advises. “Men who are diagnosed and treated for OSA often see an improvement in sexual functioning.”

Eco-friendly transportation could damage your testicles

Whether you’re bicycling to reduce your carbon footprint, save money on gas or get fit, make sure you’re cushioned properly. Cycling doesn’t cause male infertility, but it can lead to testicular damage, impaired sperm functioning and erectile problems. Urological surgeon Vinod Nargund from St. Bartholomew’s and Homerton Hospitals in London found that mountain bikers are more affected than road cyclists.

Dr. Nargund lists the potential problems of prolonged cycling: abrasions, chafing, damaged hair follicles and bruising. Sweating may cause skin problems and a general soreness.

Symptoms to watch for include genital numbness, erection problems and skin irritations. To stay healthy, wear shorts with protective padding. Make sure your seat is also padded, and adjust its position so it doesn’t put pressure on your groin.

Varicocele can cause male infertility

Infertility affects one in six couples, and male factors contribute to at least half of all cases. According to the Center of Reproductive Medicine at Cornell University, the most common identifiable cause of male infertility is varicocele, or enlarged veins in the scrotum. Another possibility is a blockage in the reproductive tract.

Simply being older also affects your fertility. Recent research from the Eylau Centre for Assisted Reproduction in France shows a connection between men over age 35, lower pregnancy rates and higher miscarriage rates. Keep your sperm strong by eating nutritiously, exercising regularly and decreasing your stress level.

Big news

An average penis length of 5 erect and 3 flaccid inches is normal for men—that’s significantly smaller than what most men think is normal.

“Generally, every man [and woman] believes the ultimate in sexiness and masculinity is to have a larger-than-average penis,” says sexologist Dr. Trina Read. “The fact is, men with large penises often find it difficult to find a partner who is comfortable having intercourse and giving oral sex.”

During intercourse, penis size has little to do with partner satisfaction. Most of the sensitive nerve endings are concentrated close to a woman’s vaginal opening—which means a penis of any size can be highly pleasurable.

“What most women really want is technique,” says Dr. Read. The upside? A man who masters his technique in bed may get away with falling asleep right after sex.

Palin says presidency ‘not on my radar screen’

This photo released by Harpo Productions, Inc. shows talk-show host Oprah Winfrey, second from right, with former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her daughters, Willow, right, and Piper, left, during the taping of "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

CHICAGO - Sarah Palin tells TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey that she doesn't have her sights set on the 2012 presidency.

"I'm concentrating on 2010 and making sure that we have issues to tackle," Palin said in the interview taped last week and broadcast on Monday's "The Oprah Winfrey Show." "I don't know what I'm going to be doing in 2012. [Running for president is] not on my radar screen right now."

Palin spoke to Winfrey as she began rolling out her 413-page memoir, “Going Rogue,” which will be released Tuesday. She begins a book tour Wednesday in Grand Rapids, Mich.

This iWinfrey opened by asking Palin if she felt snubbed at not getting an invitation to "The Oprah Winfrey Show" last year. Winfrey said she didn't have any candidates on her Chicago-based show during the campaign because of her support of President Barack Obama.

Palin said she didn't feel snubbed and told Winfrey, "No offense to you, but it wasn't the center of my universe."

The former vice presidential candidate also discussed her experiences on the campaign trail and said she was confident in her abilities when she was asked to run with Sen. John McCain. When chosen, she said, "I felt like, wow, John McCain is a maverick. He's all about empowering women. He is all about equality. He's about the everyday working class individual who can succeed in this country and he chose someone who reflects that."

At the time, she thought that the only skeleton in her closet was the fact that she was received a D in college.

"I thought that was going to be the extent of the controversy," she said, laughing.

Palin said that she doesn't blame herself for the Republicans' election loss. "The reason we lost is because the economy tanked," she said. "People were sincerely looking for change … Our ticket was perceived as status quo."

Opening up about family
Palin talked about her family, telling Winfrey that the McCain campaign didn't let her address the pregnancy of her teenage daughter, Bristol, the way that she wanted.

"This is not to be glamorized," she said. "This is not to be emulated … I didn't want that message getting out there that we were giddy happy to become grandparents."

She added that her daughter called her in tears and was "devastated" and "embarrassed" when her pregnancy became public.

The former Alaska governor was asked about being pregnant with her son Trig, who has Down's Syndrome. She said that she could understand why a woman would contemplate abortion.

"It was easy to understand why a woman would feel that it's easier to just do away with some less than ideal circumstance, to do away with the problem," she said.

But the situation eventually stengthened her pro-life stance. "What I have been given is a gift," she said.

Levi Johnston
Palin did not respond to the criticism she's received from Levi Johnston, the father of her grandson, and denied rumors that Johnston and her daughter used to live together. She said it's “a bit heartbreaking” to see the road that he has taken, saying that it is "not a healthy place to be," referring to his plan to appear in Playgirl magazine.

"We don't want to mess up the gig he's doing: aspiring porn star," Palin cracked. "I also saw I didn't go to hockey games. There are so many untruths."

The new memoir doesn't contain any references to Johnston, who's sparred with his former mother-in-law-to-be.

The former Alaska governor and former Republican vice presidential candidate told Winfrey that Johnston has been busy with media tours and hasn't seen his son “for a while.”

Palin said she continues "to hope for the best and to pray for Levi" and that "this can all work out for good."

The infamous interview
When asked about her infamous interview with Katie Couric, Palin said that she was "annoyed" while speaking to Couric and said the way the interview was edited was partially to blame for how she was portrayed.

"I don't blame people for thinking I was not qualified," she said. "Her agenda was not neccessarily to show me in the best light."

She added that the McCain campaign gave her the green light to continue with the multi-part interview, even though she didn't feel she had done well.

"The campaign said, 'Right on, good!' ... if they thought it was a good interview, I don't know what a bad interview was."

Winfrey ended by asking Palin if she planned to host her own talk show. "Oprah, you are the queen of talk shows," she responded. "There's nothing to worry about."

The snow white phenomenon

By: May Rostom

I was looking at my baby pictures and wasn't really surprised to see me in the "princess" dress, you know the puffy pink dress we were all forced to wear to weddings or fancy events.

As usual my mind started to drift, are we being fed the wrong information since our childhood? My mum told me that whenever I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I'd always reply Barbie.

She was my idol; the girly airhead, bleach blond hair, perfect sports car, hot husband and sexy outfits! As I grew up I never met any of these criteria.

As I observed many of the girls around me I noticed they all shared pretty much the same interests , a tanned tall handsome prince (or rich will be just as good) with a white English horse (now exchanged for an also English Jaguar) that comes from a long line of kings and queens (nowadays traded for doctors).

Did watching too many cartoons, mess with our expectations? Do we expect to meet Mr. Right at the ball (aka our best friends wedding)?

Will Losing a slipper, or kissing a frog make it happen?! What about our Middle Eastern background which most of the time either prevents us from going to the ball in the first place or leaving the party early cause "you don’t want people to talk".

Assuming we did go and actually stayed after 12, will we be happy if we lose that slipper or sweat it out cause it cost $200? And you know the saying "you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your handsome prince"?

What if there's no prince and all there is are just frogs? What if Mr. Right couldn’t make it to the ball because he had work to finish or what if he did show up but forgot to shave or brush his hair?

Will you still wait for a better opportunity to pop up or will you take him for what he is and what he'll be? Are we hooked up on happy endings, princess gowns, castles and prince charming that we can't accept reality anymore?

Is it even possible to love at first sight? Some people chase after loved ones for years and can't seem to get the job done! Will snow white always marry her prince?

Not if he's already taken or he has some fear of commitment. How come snow white didn’t fall for one of these dwarfs, the little angels that put a roof over her head, gave her food and shelter?

Who said ideal love was a handsome prince that came from a royal family or a gorgeous size zero princess who lived in a white castle?

Why do we always fall for the wrong guy and refuse to look right in front of us?

Is it because Disney gave us all these unrealistic expectations and a false image of how things should be like?

And why didn’t anyone warn us before hand! At least when a boy grabs a toy off the shelf its usually something that exists like a car or a tool box, maybe in the near future the toy industry should manufacture little blow dryers , tweezers and pimple cream!

As these questions remain unanswered all I can think of is when did we stop appreciating what we have and start to think that the grass is always greener on the other side?

We simply can’t enjoy the little gestures any more because compared to what we've seen on TV they're nothing. We can't always expect things to be perfect because in real life they aren’t; they're the closest thing to perfect.

So don’t wait for your leg to curl on your first kiss, wake up and look around this is as good as it gets so grab it and make the best out of it!

Social Hypocrisy

By May Rostom:

"Hey how are you, how's everything going?"Then a stupid smile on their faces is what I get when someone that I haven’t seen in quite a while says when I run into them! Sub consciously I reply with "I'm fine" and just repeat what they said all over again , give them the "get the hell out of here" smile and start walking ! I won't say I don’t do it because we all do, it's like no one has time for even small talk anymore.

All this is fine by me but what really gets to me is the "give me your number, we should hang out sometime" phrase.

It usually starts by the other person saving your number on their cell like its some sort of directory and never actually calls you to hang out (and you're not that keen on hanging out with them either , admit it!) but what's really funny is the next time they see you they'd be like "how come you didn’t call me?" .

Is this miscommunication or mass communication? Is this phrase a new way to stay in touch with the largest group of people you've come across in your lifetime or do they really want to catch up? I can't seem to remember the last time I ran into someone I haven’t seen for a while and got a useful piece of information like I'm married or I just got fired today! It's like no one is interested in what you've been up to but still asks you to make you feel important and no one has the time to summarize how things are going in 5 minutes.

When did the regular hi and wave run out of style? At least it's more convenient for the both of you, where you don’t want to hear what they have to say and they know that but say it anyways.

I remember the younger me being able to talk to anyone about anything for any amount of hours and never get bored but now life's hectic and stressful and when someone asks you what's been up you automatically reply fine even if things aren’t going your way.

What if someone did reply "not fine", how would one reply to that? And do you really want to listen to this person complain about it for the next 15 minutes while you just stand there helpless?

As we grow older, do we lose the interest to talk or do we lose the interest to small talk?

Making friends is a hard thing to do and maintaining friendships is even harder, but how can we balance both without being hypocrites??

Very simple, when you see an old friend tell them how much you've missed them and mean it, ask them what they’ve been doing recently and seem interested and if you take their phone number CALL THEM .

So next time you try to pull a stunt like that again, remember I BLEW YOUR COVER!

Crisis caused by “Adults Only” movies in the Cairo International Film Festival

A responsible source at the CIFF management team has denied allegations of receiving a stern warning from the International Festivals’ Administration of diminishing the CIFF's international status due to its curators labeling some of the participating movies as for “Adults Only” –so they claim-.

The source confirmed that all these rumors are false, as no producers, foreign, or Arab directors participating in the festival have filed any complaints, thus denying any allegations claiming that the festival has received any warnings.

Movies List

Among the 67 movies participating this year from all over the world, there’s almost 50 of them labeled for “Adults Only”, perhaps the most prominent of which are the French film “Agent”, the Portuguese “Amalia”, the Hungarian “Days of Desire”, the Lithuanian “Lithuania”, the Croatian “I Believe in Angels”, the Greek “The Wolf”, the Korean “The Portable Phone”, the Estonian “Robbing the Bank”, the Spanish “The Frost”, the Finnish “The Forbidden Fruit”, the Indian “I am Scared”, the Danish “The Camp”, the Australian “Sun Heat”, and others.

Iran hangs rapist in public

Iran has hanged a convicted rapist in a public square in the northern city of Qaemshahr in the Caspian Sea Mazandaran province, the Kayhan newspaper reported on Monday.

The report identified the man hanged on Sunday as A.B. aged 24, who was convicted of raping his victim after posing as a taxi driver.

The report also said he had a prior criminal record which included robbery, kidnapping and engaging in an illicit relationship.

The reported public hanging comes despite a January 2008 statement by then Iran judiciary chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahrudi that such executions would only be carried out with his approval and "based on social necessities."

The latest hanging brings to at least 251 the number of people executed in Iran so far this year, according to an AFP count based on news reports.

In 2008, Iran hanged 246 people, the highest number of executions carried out by any country bar China.

Tehran says the death penalty is a necessary tool for maintaining public security and is applied only after exhaustive judicial proceedings.

Murder, rape, armed robbery, drug trafficking and adultery are all punishable by death in the Islamic republic.

Diet right !

No matter how old we are, what size we fit in or our gender, we all pursue a better image. People change diets like they change shoes.

Due to the increasing number of over weight people, a whole range of diets have been introduced. One of the most famous diets we all talk about on our lunch break is the Atkins –low carbohydrate-diet.

This diet is also known to be one of the many "fad diets" there are out there which refers to a peculiar diet or eating pattern.

Of course most of these diets lack important nutrients our body needs like protein, fat soluble vitamins (vitamins a d, e, and k), minerals and eventually energy therefore preventing our bodies from growth or development.

These diets depend mainly on testimonials rather than scientific evidence.

So what makes a diet healthy? Our bodies need macronutrients to function properly; these nutrients are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. They cannot be excluded out of any diet, even detoxifying diets should include these 3 macronutrients and so this could help us identify fad diets.

A fad diet usually promises fast weight loss and delivers but what they won't tell you is that most probably you will gain all of this weight back if not more.

There's no such thing as a" get thin quick" permanent solution.

When following a fad diet you will lose weight in the form of muscle tissue since the body breaks down the proteins stored in the muscles to provide the energy you need and once you stop you will gain this weight back most likely in the form of fat so basically you're replacing the muscles in your body with fat.

In a healthy diet, your source of energy will be provided from your food since it's not an extremely low caloric diet and from the breaking down of fat and not muscles that’s why dieticians recommend diet AND exercise to break down fat and build up muscles.

So next time you decide to go on a diet, ask yourself these questions:

Does it promise fast weight loss?
Am I going to gain all this weight back?
Are there any macronutrients missing?
Is it an extremely low caloric diet?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should re-consider your decision and visit your dietician.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In order to get job in a company...

In order to get job in a company ...
A boy need 100%talent
A girl need only 4% talent remaining is
( 36 )
( 36 )


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Caterpillar invades your workspace and connects your USB gadgets

A big bug has arrived and offers connections for up to four USB gadgets that you have. It won’t turn into a butterfly before it’s managed to fulfill its duty.
Caterpillar invades your workspace and connects your USB gadgets
A Caterpillar-shaped USB hub is certainly a unique one to have on your work desk. It’s kinda cute, neither ugly nor scary with spikes. The two eyes should be the LEDs that will blink when USB signals flow through it. For only $10, you can get it from USBFever.

NANO BREATH cell phone checks breath for diseases

Bad gases such as CO2, NOx and ammonia (NH3) will come out of your mouth, if you’re one who carries some diseases. If you’re a health-conscious geek, you may like the idea of having a cellphone to check your breath for diseases as well as checking others’ breath before the diseases transmitted to you.
NANO BREATH cell phone checks breath for diseases
Applied Nanodetectors Ltd. (AND) is currently working on a prototype of a cell phone that can detect bad gases and from that on it can tell whether you’re a carrier of any diseases.
This cell phone simply checks the breath of the users to detect those gases. The phone has a chip that is integrated with various sensors that are sensitive enough to detect bad gases in the bad breath. It just takes minutes for the cell phone to trace the mentioned gases.
Once those gases detected, the chip will start analyzing the composition of the user’s breath, working out the density of each gas. The results will be compared against characteristics of various diseases to check out the possibility of one suffering from certain type of disease.
The cell phone is currently still in its prototype stage, AND is currently preparing it for the International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference. This breath-checking cell phone is likely to take more years to come into the market. It shall be a handy one to keep you away from those diseases, and you can always check people around while you’re on the go.

Pocket Purifier

You hate cold and flu seaon, you don’t wanna suffer from any one of these sicknesses. But during the cold and flu season, you’ll hardly be able to stay away from getting infected, unless you keep yourself isolated from others.
Pocket Purifier – portable UV germ-zapping device, protects you from cold and flu
Here comes a portable device, a pocket purifier, which uses UV light to zap those bacterias and germs, the culprits of spreading cold and flu all over. This highly pocketable purifier claims to be able to eliminate up to 99.99% of E-coli, staphylococcus, salmonella, and germs that cause the flu and the common cold.
You just need to point this pocket purifier to those objects (your mobile phone, gadgets etc) suspected to have been touched by those carrying flu, it will then cleanse up these objects and they’ll be safe to touch. The portable device is equipped with a 4W ultraviolet light that is efficient to kill those germs in 10-15 seconds only.

Nokia launches N79 Active, a fitness phone with heart rate belt

Nokia has launched their new cellphone, N79 Active, which is specially designed to target fitness-aware geeks. The Nokia N97 N79 Active comes with a Polar Bluetooth WearLink heart rate belt, which is worn by the user to record heard rate, while he or she is on a treadmill or out for a run. The belt sends the heart rate to the Nokia phone wirelessly which you can then have a nice visual analysis for your heart rate.
Nokia launches N79 Active, a fitness phone with heart rate belt
The Nokia N79 Active also features aGPS and software which allows you to upload your favorite running paths to the Internet to share with other fitness fans. Besides, the aGPS, the phone also comes with couple of sport-friendly features such as share-proof, noise reduction headphones and 4GB microSD card that lets you carry large amount of music to enjoy during your sport sessions.
Other goodies found on this phone including a 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. According to Nokia, this phone is the smallest Nseries device launched so far which comes with headphones and an armband. It’s expected to retail at EUR 375.

Canine Treadmill for your dog

Apparently, your dogs need some work out in order to keep them not to be overweight. Here comes the Canine Treadmill which makes it so handy for the owner to get the dog some consistent exercise, regardless of weather condition.
Canine Treadmill for your dog
This treadmill has a whisper-quiet motor, which drives a sturdy rubber belt that is soft on paws. Side rails keep dogs’ attention forward, and most pets will benefit from 45 minutes of moderate activity. Speed, distance, and incline can be adjusted using simple controls. Each model is equipped with a safety on/off switch.
It needs AC for the power. It comes with training guidelines, which shall be easy for you and your dog to pick up. A small treadmill which is specially made for toy breeds and dogs up to 30 lbs, so be sure not to drop an overweight puppy onto this machine. It uses a 1/2 hp motor, has a 28 3/4″ L x 13 3/4″ W running surface with 0-14% incline, and operates at speeds from 0.3 to 5 mph. With recessed treat holder and weighs 47 lbs.

Weightbot – a weight tracking tool for the iPhone and iPod Touch

If the iPhone or iPod Touch is always with you, it’ll be the most handy gadget to help you track your weight if you’re on a slimming plan. Here comes the Weightbot, which is an application that is specially designed for both the iPhone and iPod Touch to track the weight of the users.
Weightbot – a weight tracking tool for the iPhone and iPod Touch
The Weightbot comes with beautiful graphs to track you weight over time, it displays those graphs which show the weekly, monthly, and yearly progress of your weight, so you can make use of it whether you’re still on track or deviated from your original weight loss plan.
The Weightbot allows the weight information collected to be backed up online over a secure connection, and you can set your own goal weight and watch your weight slope towards the finish line. And of course, the app treats your weight information as the highly confidential one, which allows you to set passcode, so others will not be able to take a peek or spy on your weight.
With all the fancy graphs and high usability, it definitely costs some, but it’s highly affordable. For only $1.00, you can get it from Apple App Store, but it’ll be on the store for a limited time only.

SnorePro stops pro snorers from snorin

Snoring will bring lots of troubles to your partner in life. He or she will get bad mood as you always snore while sleeping, as he or she will have insufficient sleep everyday.
SnorePro stops pro snorers from snoring
If you keep snoring every night, then we consider you a professional snorer. And you must be stopped from snoring in order to give better quality sleep to your spouse and even your neighborhood. The SnorePro SP600 is another snore stopper that is specially designed to detect the buzzing noise coming out of you, and it alerts you to get you to stop snoring.
This device basically sends a mild electric shock, which will probably wake you up or at least get you to make a change of your sleeping position, that will stop you from snoring. It’s making use of biofeedback, by having kicked you several times electrically, then you’ll gradually be trained to suit some positions that prevent you from snoring.
Furthermore, the device has a snore recording feature that can be used to record, to strongly prove that the one sleeping next to you has actually been snoring. Just strap it on your wrist if you’re a snorer, so you won’t ruin the life of your partner.

A bite counter may help your kids grow healthier teeth ?

The Japanese may get little crazy, or they’re the kind of weird parents who think getting the kids to bite as many times as possible in a day would lead them to grow with better teeth ?
A bite counter may help your kids grow healthier teeth ?
The gadget presented to you here is a headgear which comes with two ear hooks which is to be worn like glasses, and a pad shall be nicely placed under the chin to measure the number of bites. This bite counter even plays a jingle when your kid has reached the 1,000 chews, to celebrate for this special occasion.

U-Tag ICE, Dog Tag stores your emergency medical info

U-Tag ICE, a little dog tag that you can carry around or just attach it to your necklace. This little tag is useful during emergency as it stores your medical information.
U-Tag ICE, Dog Tag stores your emergency medical info
Lets say, you had a car crash, to be rushed into the hospital, you’re unconscious and you needed blood transfusion. There would be no one around who could tell your medical info, such as your blood group type etc. During the emergency, if you carried one of these little dog tags, then the doctors into rescue could then plug this USB dog tag into the computer and access your medical info.
The U-Tag ICE dog tag was initially designed for motorcyclist in mind but now it’s marketed towards anyone adventurous. It’s imprinted with the U-Tag logo and the word ICE which stands for “In Case of Emergency”. The little tag supports USB 1.1/2,0 standards and it can store 10 years or more of your medical data. And you can have the info stored on it in 7 languages. The tag is weather proof, enclosed in an aluminum alloy enclosure.
The dog tag military style costs you around $49.99. But if you’re not interested in this type, you can also get the card style for only $39.99

Honda introduces wearable assisted-walking gadget

Some people might need to stress their knees and legs a lot in their daily work. Such as those working in the auto line or factories will always need to repeat crouching and getting up, that will bring lots of stress to their knees and legs.
Honda introduces wearable assisted-walking gadget
Honda has unveiled a wearable assisted-walking gadget, which is to help those workers working in their factories to reduce some stress on the bottom part of the body. The device is meant for those who need a lift, even for the healthy ones.
The device is like a bicycle seat with two walking robotic legs. To wear it, you put the seat between your legs, put on the shoes and push the on button. Then start walking around, you should feel how it supports your moves, and the stress on your knees should be much reduced when crouch walking etc. But it may take you some times to get used to walking assisted by this gear.

Philips goLITE shines you with blue light to fight Winter Blues

We need to be exposed to certain amount of lights a day in order to stay healthy and in good mood. For those who always keep themselves in darkness, having very low exposure to lights will lead to develop depressions like winter blues and cabin fever.
Philips goLITE shines you with blue light to fight Winter Blues
Exposure to lights here doesn’t mean you need to be exposed to sunlights directly. You can simply point a lamp at your face, that will give you certain amount of lights. But, it’s definitely not a pleasant feeling for having to point a lamp on your own face as it simply blinds you from seeing other things for a moment.
Now, thanks to Philips, which they’ve just released a handy gadget, called the goLITE, which emits soft and pleasant blue lights that our body needs. Our body responds best to certain wavelengths of light. The goLITE simply emits the suitable wavelengths that our body needs. It uses optimal frequency blue LEDs to deliver the most positive effect on the body.
The light from the goLITE is actually not weak, but it is okay to human eyes, which gives little bit of visual imprint when you glance away from it. It’s certainly much better than having a lamp shining on your face that most likely blinds you for a short while. The light emitted by goLITE will give you the feeling like sunshine in winter.
The device is also equipped with a back lit touchscreen which can be used to adjust the light intensity, set timer or alarm clock, and it can be used as a desktop clock when it’s not used to shine the blue light. There is also a magnetic stand on the back that keeps this unit up on your desk.

iPhone DSLR Remote app wirelessly controls Canon DSLR

iPhone DSLR Remote app wirelessly controls Canon DSLR
onOne has released their DSLR Remote application for the iPhone, which allows iPhone users to control their DSLR cameras (Canon only) wirelessly using the iPhone from afar.
The Canon DSLR camera needs to be hooked up to a computer (via USB) such as a netbook, and the DSLR Remote app on the iPhone is able to communicate with the computer wirelessly. The user can then use the DSLR remote app to control the camera such as controlling the shutter speed, aperture and white balance.
Furthermore, the application can be used to live stream the camera’s Live View Feed onto the iPhone, so the user can have a real-time look at what is in the frame. This iPhone DSLR app will be available on Apple store with an introductory price of $10 and will jump to $20 once the introductory period is over. It also has a lite version which is restricted to the capability to snap photos only. Again, this DSLR app is only meant for controlling Canons. Visit onOne for the compatibility list.

Orange power pump charger

Orange has always wanted to promote green chargers for mobile phones. The latest charger announced by Orange is the Power Pump charger which comes in the form of a common air pump that is used for setting up a camp.
Orange power pump charger
The Power Pump charger harnesses the kinetic energy from an air bed foot pump, a usual piece of camping equipment, which in turn drives a turbine to produce electricity for juicing up your mobile phones and other gadgets. The Orange Power Pump charger is definitely useful for campers, especially handy during emergency when the mobile phone is out of battery, where this charger can be useful to fill your mobile phone with juice and lets you communicate with the outside world for a rescue

Citizen Bluetooth watch controls camera

Citizen has announced the AIBATO M Bluetooth watch which is able to let the users to wirelessly connect to a cellphone for a few operations such as trigger the camera, browse emails and show calls and messages.
Citizen Bluetooth watch controls camera
The AIBATO M Bluetooth watch is available in two colors, which are black and silver. The black model has a rubber strap, whereas the silver one has a metal strap. This Bluetooth Watch comes with a desk-stand which is for charging the watch. A full charge of the battery allows the watch to last for up to five days.
Citizen Bluetooth watch controls camera
This Bluetooth watch can give the user audio and video alerts and even vibration. Unfortunately, this Citizen watch works with selected models of Sharp and Softbank handsets only. The pricing information is unclear but it’ll go on sale in Japan.

Solid gold iPhone

iPhone is a super popular gadget. But to make it to appeal to those who’re rich or the celebrities, the best is to get it diamond-studded or gold-plated. Here comes the solid gold iPhone, which is not only gold-plated but actually it’s solid gold.
Solid gold iPhone
The price is definitely super expensive, made from 22ct solid gold, and it’s adorned with diamonds. It costs you a massive $34,168 and can be purchased from Stuart Huges. We’ve ever featured another Huges’ product before – an iPhone with its rear logo and front bezel struck with 24-carat gold, carries a much cheaper price tag of $1120 only, and apparently carries less gold than this solid gold iPhone

BlackBerry Curve 8520 aka Gemini leaked, features an optical trackpad

BlackBerry Curve 8520 has some photos leaked, it’s found that it’s actually the early reported BlackBerry Gemini, which had now evolved and become the Curve 8520.
BlackBerry Curve 8520 aka Gemini leaked, features an optical trackpad
The Curve 8520 has dropped the usual trackball seen on BlackBerry smart phones and the trackball is now replaced by an optical trackpad on the BlackBerry Curve 8520.
A trackpad has a at least one advantage over the trackball which is it needs only touch to use. The Curve 8520 also includes a rubberized grip on the edges, including the buttons, and there are dedicated media controls at the top.
The BlackBerry Curve 8250 aka Gemini, shall have more or less the same features found on the BlackBerry 8900 Curve, such as a 2-megapixel camera, EDGE support (without 3G), but a lower-resolution (320×240) screen and the WiFi should be more advanced supporting 802.11n (wireless N). There is no info about its availability.

Sofa functions as USB hub

This is a new idea, by making a sofa to also function as a USB hub. So users sit on the sofa can hook up to several USB devices to it and also share data among them.
Sofa functions as USB hub
The conceptual USB sofa is to have seven USB ports, allows you to plug in your laptop and you can then share data with other users who are also connected to the sofa. It seems like the initial idea of this USB sofa was to let users sit on the sofa to share data.
But with the advent of wireless connectivities such as Bluetooth and WiFi, the USB sofa will definitely be less practical compared to the mentioned wireless technologies. Perhaps, the USB sofa is better used to share USB devices, such as letting users sit on the sofa share USB display, speakers, keyboard etc.

Sonic bed for good quality sleep

If you’ve been suffering from insomnia, the problem may lie in your bed. You don’t have a bed that can blast good music to get you into dreamland quickly. The coffin-shaped Sonic bed by Kaffe Matthews is a bed that makes use of bed-time music to give the users better sleep quality.
Sonic bed for good quality sleep
The Sonic bed is equipped with high-quality stereo loudspeakers, and six subwoofers on its underside. The subwoofers generate extremely low frequencies that are said to be able to penetrate the human body, to provide the user with a deeply sensuous audio experience. With the Sonic bed, you’ll surely get good quality sleep.

Love of socks: Camera and furniture made of socks

Love of socks: Camera and furniture made of socks
A camera and furniture here are made of socks that do not stink. They are simply great artwork from the hands of a designer, Netta Amir, who has good imagination and creativity on how to build things using socks. The camera was made with pretty fine detail, where there is an LCD display and those necessary parts of a camera. More pictures after the jump!
Love of socks: Camera and furniture made of socks

Liquid Lamps may confuse others you have a messy room

Caina’s Design Shop has come out with some uniquely designed Liquid lamps for your home. They are designed like an overturned bucket with spilling paint or blood.
Liquid Lamps may confuse others you have a messy room
If you have a few of these lamps in your room, when someone opens the door and steps in, the first impression is you have an overly messy room with a few overturned buckets that have red blood paint spilling. Or you would be thought to have killed someone and filled those overturned buckets with blood.
The spilled blood or paint of the overturned bucket is actually the base or stand of the lamp. And they’ve been blended so well into it, which will deceive others when looking at it from afar. The Liquid Lamps have two color choices for the stand which are red or white.
Liquid Lamps may confuse others you have a messy room
These uniquely designed Liquid lamps are 12.5-inch in height, 11.5-inch wide and 8.2-inch depth. The red lamps carry a price tag of $262, whereas the white lamps are cheaper cost only $227.

Cute Elephant Lamp

When you think elephant is cute other than its clumsy body, you may wanna have an Elephant Lamp to spice up your living space.
Cute Elephant Lamp
That is the lamp shown in the picture, in a shape of an elephant. It gives out soft glow to your living space, and some more it serves as an eye-candy. It maybe worth having one, to replace your dull boring lamp. It costs only $74 and available at PID store.

Lounger hover chair floats in the air using magnets

The Britain’s biggest gadget show, Stuff Live has showcased an unusual hover chair called Lounger, which is able to float in the air.
Lounger hover chair floats in the air using magnets
The chair is claimed inspired by “Star Wars”. It uses the powerful repulsive magnetic forces to float in the air. While you lie on this chair, close your eyes, it feels like you’re floating on a cloud. Unfortunately, the Lounger chair carries a price tag of $9,500, meaning that you must be rich enough to own this chair, so you get to feel the sensation of floating on a cloud.
The Stuff Live gadget show seems to be stuffed with lots of expensive gadgets. The hover chair is considered cheap compared to another star attraction – a pair of limited edition curvy metal loudspeakers that costs 70,000 pounds or USD $113,000. At this show, you’ll have to temporarily forget the financial worries that have been bothering you due to the recent economy crisis.

Sound Chair gets its shape based on 3D plot of audio waves

The shape of this Sound Chair might look little strange to some people. You’ll be wondering how could the designer of Sound/Chair come out with such a shape.
Sound Chair gets its shape based on 3D plot of audio waves
Since the name of this product is related to sound, it must be inspired by it too. Yes, the Sound/Chair has been precisely engineered from a 3D waveform plot of a short audio clip.
Designer Matthew Plummer-Fernandez started the design of this chair, by having a 3D plot of a short audio clip, based on the volume, time and frequency etc.
He then fed the 3D plot into a computer-controlled water-jet cutter, which led his way into cutting out this strange-shaped chair from a block of Polyethelene foam.
Plummer-Fernandez had even tried 719 different sounds before he managed to settle down with one that was suitable for a comfy chair with proper arm-rests. This Sound/Chair is made with limited quantities, which is now available at Selfridges UK for a whopping price tag of £3950 or about $7015 USD.

Alien tables with aliens posing in new positions

We’ve seen couple of times of these alien tables. And of course, my first reaction was I wouldn’t want any one of them to go into my living space. It’ll definitely bring me nightmare if I get to see it every night before going to bed.
Alien tables with aliens posing in new positions
But if you have become so much interested in these weird tables from outer space, you’d definitely be interested in the two new positions that have been added by the aliens. The two aliens now have posed in two new weird positions which they’ve got the funny titles so called “crouching position alien” and “emerging from alien egg alien”.
And again these alien tables are handcrafted from used car and bike parts and other recycled metals and tools. They all stand 32 inches high and is 27.5 inches in diameter and each piece costs $500. But it should be hard to get them to blend well with other furnitures and decors in your living room.

Biro Lamp as pen holder

I’m also one of those who tends to misplace or lose a pen. Some times, I’ll still be able to retain the body but losing its cap only. And of course, some times, I’ll misplace it and no matter how hard I search around, I can’t locate it.
Biro Lamp as pen holder
Losing a pen always happens to me no matter I’m in the house or in the office. That is a bad habit. Some more, I think I don’t have a prominent pen holder that is able to remind me always that I have to put my pen back to its holder.
If I had the Biro lamp, it could be a different story.This lamp comes with a lamp shade, which serves as a nice place for those pens to dangle on. If you leave the Biro Lamp close to your work space, you’ll always get reminded that you’ll need to put those pens back to its lamp shade, in order for it to look tidier with all pens dangling and aligned nicely as its extended lamp shade.
What a good idea that the Biro Lamp brings, which lets you save your pocket for buying new pen, whenever you’ve lost it.

Alien tables inject nightmares in your living space

Alien-shaped furniture is not new to us. We’ve seen couple of the alien-shaped sculptural pieces before. And now, we have a few more pieces to give you a better view of them here.
Alien tables inject nightmares in your living space
The two alien tables shown here shall come from the same hands. Having these alien tables in your living space, will surely give you some trouble. Especially when you get up in the middle of the night, the scary looks of the aliens definitely freak you out. And you’ll then have to sleep with continuous nightmares.
The alien-shaped tables are made from recycled parts of used cars and old bikes. And with a mixture of other tools, recycled metal that make every piece of the aliens’ so unique. The prices of these aliens are not cheap at all, which you’ll have to pay from about $300 to $4,450 each. These alien pieces are definitely not easy to make. They shall deserve the price tags that they carry. But unfortunately, the overly scary looks will put off some people buying them. Especially those with kids, having these pieces in the house is simply no good, that will continuously bring nightmares to you and your family.

TT Tetris Chairs

It’s not first time we’ve come across furniture made in shape of Tetris block – the famous stacking blocks used in the well-known arcade game – Tetris. There are many advantages having furniture or household gadgets made in the shape of tetris, at least it saves lots of space for your tiny apartment. As all the pieces can be stacked up on top of one another.
TT Tetris Chairs
Here comes the TT Tetris Chairs that give you similar Tetris effect, saving lots of space for your tiny apartment. The TT chairs are being sold by Japanese retailer Rakuten and come in 6 different colors. And they’re flexible to let you position them in a variety of configurations to suit your needs.
TT Tetris Chairs
These Tetris TT chairs could sound little pricey to some people. A piece of the TT chairs costs you as much as $235, which might not be affordable for those owing a little tiny apartment. If you insist that you want the Tetris effect of saving space and the Tetris fun that you could get out of it, then you’ll have no choice just to folk out that much to get at least a few pieces for your tiny apartment.

Rolling Bench – rolls the other side up for dry seat!

Somehow it’s kind of hard to maintain the cleanliness or dryness of the bench which has cushion that sucks up wetness. Especially bench left in an open space will get spoiled after a rainy day or by some wet butts. The rolling bench here is definitely a neat idea. Once it gets wet, you just need to roll its handle at the side to rotate and expose the dry side of the seat.
Rolling Bench – rolls the other side up for dry seat!
It’d be a plus, if the bench could come equipped with some blowers or dryers attached to its two legs to dry up the wet side that has been rotated downward.
Rolling Bench – rolls the other side up for dry seat!

Luna Blocks

Some giant Lego bricks called LunaBlocks are the great building blocks for making your own Lego furniture in your home. This is a great DIY idea, for the Lego fans, which you can make use of your own creativity to build some Lego pieces in your living space.
LunaBlocks – giant Lego blocks for making your own Lego furniture
Designers Thierry Nahon & Philippe Landecke have created these LunaBlocks, which are claimed to have transformed the Lego bricks into some larger pieces which allow kids to use in their building games. The LunaBlocks are simply cool, which many Lego fans will surely wanna own.
LunaBlocks – giant Lego blocks for making your own Lego furniture
Stacking up some Lego bricks to build up your chair, sofa, dining table is a great idea. The simply helps you save lots of space in your overly tiny apartment. When you don’t need them, just simply dissemble the Lego bricks for easy storage.
LunaBlocks – giant Lego blocks for making your own Lego furniture
The LunaBlocks come in different materials, which you get blocks made of glass, polypropolene, metal and also rubber. Each block costs between US$20 to $60. You can it online from a French website, Homology. A couple of colorful pieces are great to fill up your super tiny apartment with beautiful colors.

NapTV – nice combination of a TV and a chair

How you wish that your TV screen could be hanging on top of your bed that you don’t have to hold your head up for watching it. Which is just lying down will let you watch the TV screen comfortably. When your eyes are tired, you could just close your eyes and take a nap.
NapTV – nice combination of a TV and a chair
Now the smart designer Sung-kyu Nam has introduced a new TV concept that could let you watch TV while you’re lying down. The concept is the NapTV, which is an extraordinary fusion of TV and a chair.
While you feel like reading books, then you can use it as a chair sitting on it and read your books. While you feel like watching TV or time to take a nap, then just slide yourself under it to watch the screen and when your eye lids are getting heavier and heavier, you can simply close your eyes and fall into your dreamland.
NapTV – nice combination of a TV and a chair
The NapTV would be a good concept for those lazy butts. Kids will love this idea. But having to slide your body under it to watch the TV screen will have little negative effect to your eyes, which easily gets your eyes tired. But maybe that is the purpose of this NapTV, once your eyes get tired just close them for a nap.

Smart Carpet helps elderly not to fall easily!

A smart carpet is now being developed by the researchers in University of Missouri, to help the elderly to alert them when they fall. We all know the elderly have weaker bones. Once they fall, the result will be broken bones that will take long time for them to recover and even some have to end up lying in bed for few years or cannot recover at all.
The smart carpet here will help reduce the chance of the elderly falling. It’s equipped with electronic sensors to sense once an elderly is about to fall and alert them with sound, so they could possibly cling on something to prevent falling.
The sensors are just printed on sheets in the smart carpet using flexible and inexpensive organic ink. These organic Ink sensors can be utilized in the thousands on a sheet layered between a room’s carpet and carpet pad. The data collected by the smart carpet can be sent to a computer for further analysis by caregiver. From that on, caregivers would be able to anticipate whether or not the elderly individual was in danger. The smart carpet will be available in two years’ time.
Hope the audible alert produced by the smart carpet not too vibrant. Or else, it’d probably give negative effect, such as making the seniors panicking which in a result they’ll fall more seriously or hit any object in the room.Smart Carpet helps elderly not to fall easily!