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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Smart Carpet helps elderly not to fall easily!

A smart carpet is now being developed by the researchers in University of Missouri, to help the elderly to alert them when they fall. We all know the elderly have weaker bones. Once they fall, the result will be broken bones that will take long time for them to recover and even some have to end up lying in bed for few years or cannot recover at all.
The smart carpet here will help reduce the chance of the elderly falling. It’s equipped with electronic sensors to sense once an elderly is about to fall and alert them with sound, so they could possibly cling on something to prevent falling.
The sensors are just printed on sheets in the smart carpet using flexible and inexpensive organic ink. These organic Ink sensors can be utilized in the thousands on a sheet layered between a room’s carpet and carpet pad. The data collected by the smart carpet can be sent to a computer for further analysis by caregiver. From that on, caregivers would be able to anticipate whether or not the elderly individual was in danger. The smart carpet will be available in two years’ time.
Hope the audible alert produced by the smart carpet not too vibrant. Or else, it’d probably give negative effect, such as making the seniors panicking which in a result they’ll fall more seriously or hit any object in the room.Smart Carpet helps elderly not to fall easily!

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