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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

107-Year-Old Chinese Woman Looking for Husband

A Chinese woman who was afraid to get married when she was young, is now 107 and looking for a first-time husband.

Wang Guiying, a 107-year-old Chinese woman, is worried that she has become a burden to her “aged” nephews and nieces ever since she broke her leg at the age of 102, when she had to stop doing certain house chores, Australia’s News reported.

- I am 107 years old and have not been married. What will happen if I don’t hurry up and fund a husband – the wannabe bride told the local media.

Childhood fears

Born in the Guizhou province into a family of salt tradesmen, Ms. Wang grew up watching scenes of domestic violence in her own and neighbouring houses. With such marriage conditions and “feminising” rituals, such as decreasing the size of women’s feet, she did not even want to consider getting married.

Even after the deaths of her father, mother and elder sister, she refused to get married. She left for the countryside and worked in agriculture until the age of 74 when she moved in with her nephews in the town of Chongqing. But as all her nieces and nephews are well over 60 now, Ms. Wang decided the time has come for her to get married. Local officials will also help her search for a suitable groom

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