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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bullet Manufacturing


The production of projectiles in USA catches fire as the ammunition market hastens to keep up with a dramatic increase in gun sales
Photographs by Joe Raedle / Getty
Ammunition suppliers nationwide have reported a shortage of stock because of a dramatic increase in gun sales. The surge has been attributed to fears that President Obama will usher in more-restrictive gun laws and that the economic downturn will lead to a rise in crime.
A worker at Stone Hart Manufacturing Co. in Miami (where these photos were taken) pours bullet casing into an ammunition loader for ..45 caliber cartridges.
An ammunition loader is filled with .40 caliber projectiles.
Stone Hart employee Lloyd Espiritu operates an ammunition loader.
A machine turns out .45 caliber cartridges.
A .40 caliber cartridge is measured for quality control.
Elsie Garcia weighs a box of 5.56-mm bullets before packaging them for shipping.
The rounds will be shipped to dealers across the country.
A magazine loaded with 5.56-mm cartridges lies on newly manufactured rounds. 

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