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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Poison of a Materialistic Society

A man who doesn't have a stable job and money is neither beautiful nor intelligent. A man who has money is beautiful as well as intelligent.

A son who doesn't do a job and give money to his mother after one month is not a son. A son who earns and gives it to his mother is actually a son.

A husband who works 18 hours a day but can't give a handsome amount of money to his wife is not her husband despite of the fact that he works for 18 hours and tries his best. A husband who takes bribes and gives handsome money to his wife is a good husband.

A society built upon the ideology of Greed. And where people don't appreciate one's effort but the product which the other person is providing, no matter it is from legal ways or illegal ways, is a society I call a failed society full of Pimps.

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