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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How To Tell If A Girl Really Likes U 3 Simple Ways To Know?

Relationships are one of the most frustrating aspects of human existence. It seems like some kind of cosmic joke that men and women are so different in every way, yet we?re supposed to pair up successfully. It can seem impossible to tell what the opposite sex is thinking and how we can respond. Unfortunately, many men depend on an ill-informed set of criteria to decode what they think women want. Eyelash batting is a sure sigh if you?re into the middle-school set. What you should be keeping your eyes peeled for is a combination of positives and negatives. Here?s some insight to how real women show there interest, or lack of.

1- Body Language

This is a big one. There?s a lot of information to be gathered here. It will tell you if she?s interested, and it can tell you if she?s not. . Pay attention to how she?s sitting. Are her legs crossed toward you or away from you? If they?re toward you, then chat with her; if they?re away, then you should go away too. If she?s closed off, meaning she?s physically withdraw from you: turns away, folds her arms, avoids eye contact, she?s telling you to keep moving. If you see the opposite behaviors, have a seat.

2- The eyes have it

If her body language says yes, then you?re probably close enough to check out her eyes. Our pupils dilate when we look at something we desire. There?s no way to fake it either way. It?s basic biology.

3- Get a clue

If you?re not catching the nonverbals she?s throwing out, listen to the words that are coming out of her mouth. There are certain topics a woman will never broach with a man she?d like to get to know better, and some things she?s only say if she?s into you:

* Exes - If she talks about other guys, even ex boyfriends, she?s saying there?s no room for you.

* Eternity ? If she goes over the top about how she?s itching to tie the knot, she?s either got issues you don?t want to get involved with or she wants rid of you.

It?s a fail proof way to run a new guy off. The same goes for any degree of biological clock ticking.

*Interrogation If she?s interested, she?ll ask. It?s that simple. No woman is going to ask get-to-know-you-type questions to a man she doesn?t want to know about. If she?s asking about your job, your family, your extra curricular activities, treat it like a job interview. You are being evaluated for compatibility and boyfriend potential.

So, forget everything you think you know about hair twirling and giggling. Grown women don?t behave that way. Dating can be tricky, especially at the start, but there?s no need to complicate things by trying to play it like a guessing game. Responding to simple social cues will save a lot of confusion for all involved. Uncomplicated relationship doesn?t have to be an oxymoron.

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