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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SnorePro stops pro snorers from snorin

Snoring will bring lots of troubles to your partner in life. He or she will get bad mood as you always snore while sleeping, as he or she will have insufficient sleep everyday.
SnorePro stops pro snorers from snoring
If you keep snoring every night, then we consider you a professional snorer. And you must be stopped from snoring in order to give better quality sleep to your spouse and even your neighborhood. The SnorePro SP600 is another snore stopper that is specially designed to detect the buzzing noise coming out of you, and it alerts you to get you to stop snoring.
This device basically sends a mild electric shock, which will probably wake you up or at least get you to make a change of your sleeping position, that will stop you from snoring. It’s making use of biofeedback, by having kicked you several times electrically, then you’ll gradually be trained to suit some positions that prevent you from snoring.
Furthermore, the device has a snore recording feature that can be used to record, to strongly prove that the one sleeping next to you has actually been snoring. Just strap it on your wrist if you’re a snorer, so you won’t ruin the life of your partner.

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