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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Delhi Darbar: Indian Brain-washing & Double speak

Oh, India , why this mischief?

This article was written by our regular New Delhi Rupee News columnist Dr.Abdul Ruff Colachal Research Scholar, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi

Oh, India, Stop this Global mischief!

Indians are proud of calling themselves great principled guys. Both in India and abroad Indian Hindus seek everything to themselves, equality and better provisions for Hindus in their own ways. In India they argue that they are the masters hence they decide every thing, Muslims have to obey the Hindus if they want to survive. Abroad they argue they deserve preferential treatment because India is a great country where democracy, secularism, equality, broadmindedness and justice, etc, are flourishing and Muslims and other minorities are better placed in India than the Hindus who are even denied minimum, if not everything, in their own country. Hindus are good at propaganda and maneuvering. Indian media call Muslims as bad guys to be ill-treated and Kashmiris as “terrorists”, while Pakistanis are still “cross-border-terrorists” and criticize the same manners its neighbor Bangladesh. But, amazingly, India remains quite sumptuously great, so to say.

Indian double-speak

In the India media slam Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia for not letting Hindus construct temple structures illegally. They know that they don’t have to be logical, but only have to insult Muslims and make the Arabs feel nervous about lack of “democracy” in their countries. They don’t question, like wise, the inordinate delay in the reconstruction of Babri Mosque as pledged by Indian government.

When Indian Hindu terrorists demolished grand Babri Mosque in 1992, the Hindus neither in India nor abroad made any protest. The Indian Muslims are so badly shaken by Indian governmental and political interference and media bashing, they just don’t protest. The so-called Muslim League and Hyderabad based MIM, both are “secular” parties attached to Indian Congress having Hindutva hidden agenda. Look at the way the Hindus in USA have done just because of a film they consider is made against Indian Hindus.

Day in and Day out Indian “patriotic” Hindus and “secular” Muslims make films in Hindi and regional languages insulting and attacking Muslims, but Indian Muslims, effectively controlled by Indian state agencies, don’t protest, though they have the capacity to do so. Hindus neither in India nor abroad have not protested against nonsense, anomaly or devastating anti-Islamic sentiments being espoused by Indian media and film industry. These “secular” Muslims are keen to be appreciated by State Hindus and, hence, do everything possible to appease the Hindu masters and deceive fellow Muslims who trust them.

But when it comes to Hindutva, the Indian Hindus who go abroad to make money cannot digest even one iota of anti-Hinduism supposedly found in films, articles and books. They call themselves democrats, secularists and tolerants. BS.

There are so many Hindus in USA, Canada and UK working and enjoying life there, while pretending to be patriotic Indians. They make money abroad but don’t think they are part of the country which sustains them with cash and privileges when India has kicked them off. Hindus, who don’t care for Muslim sentiments any where in the world, have started a protest in the US against a Hollywood comedy, saying the film will hurt the religious sentiments of millions of Hindus worldwide.

In the film, Myers plays the main character, Guru Pitka - who is raised by gurus in an ashram in India and then moves to the US to seek fame as a self-help coach resolving the marital problems of a Canadian hockey player. ‘They should draw a line when it comes to people’s faith’, said a Hindu fundamentalist- activist operating in the USA to propagate Hinduism. More than 5,000 people have signed an online petition protesting against the film Love Guru, starring actor Mike Myers and due to be released on 20 June, Friday. Some Hindu groups are considering a boycott of Paramount Pictures which produced the film.

So far it’s only the trailer that’s caused concern - two Hindu groups in the US have complained that they were promised an early screening before the film is released but were never shown it. In the UK, Paramount Pictures says it will arrange a pre-screening for Hindus before the film opens in August.
In India the Hindus criticize Muslims, torture and kill them, use all possible filthy language because Hindus are in majority and governments, services, police, military, bureaucrats, political leaders all are Hindus. But when in another country they want to protect their own interests by hooks or crooks, question why special consideration is given to Indian Hindus.

Villains and their helpers in Indian films are invariably Muslims with ugly beards and mustaches. Will Muslims who are being fooled by Hindu politicians as being “secularists” realize the Hindu mind and their global agenda at least now? Do the Muslims, at least who serve the Hindu masters in politics, media and government, ask Indian movie makers or governments to let them watch the movies before release? There have been so many movies in Hindi and other state languages made to scorn the Muslims in special ways and do the Muslims take the governments to task?

Indian Brain-washing

Like USA, Israel and many other anti-Islamic nations, India too is keen to create a strong contingent of pro-India propagandists, from all religions, mainly Hindus, to spread the news about the greatness and kindness of Indians and Indian tolerance, democracy and secularism and justice, etc.. India over decades since 1947 has generated a crop of so-called die-hard patriots who defend the Indian actions vehemently come what may and they know they get the support to the government agencies for their “services’ in the form of quick jobs, promotions, special privileges, preferential loans, etc., etc. Some Muslims also receive such bones for their hypocritical services.

They have come to occupy special space in every sphere of Indian life, including media related services. Indian intolerance for Muslims and Islam is a known fact even before the grand Babri Mosque was destroyed by the Hindu terrorists organizations supported by the governments at the Centre and UP, the seat of the Babri Mosque.

India spends a lot of resources and energy in brain washing the so-called “enlightened” gang of people in a sustained manner, which in due course begins to defend what the governments do and don’t do. They verbally bash any criticism of India anti-Muslim policies. Almost every section of Indian community has been brought under the control of the Indian networks spread across the country.

Still there is a small section of people mainly form the neglected, butchered section of the society, particularly the Muslims who don’t subscribe to the inhuman and anti-Muslim tactics and strategies of the government and Hindutva moorings. The pampered patriotic” guys generally try to spend extra time and coverage to brain wash that section also. But failing, this “errant” section members in government services are regularly sent to the psychiatric Hindu specialists for treatment. Because the government agencies reason, rightly so, that this section is unmanageable and unmanipulable and hence is insane, and they should be brain-washed sufficiently to make them fall in line.

Occasionally this writer gets letters from the “patriotic” Indian agents to consult psychiatrists for my exposing the Hindu misrule in the country and their double-speak through the loyal media. But they know the Indian psychiatrists are not good, so I ask them to send me to USA, Saudi Arabia or UK and I can do the needful to get myself fully brain washed. Then the Indian agents get panic because if I am sent to USA or UK, I would be brain-washed to suit the USA or UK needs and would listen to their advice and become their own agent, so, India would not gain any thing by sending me abroad for treatment. India thus seems to have dropped the unprofitable idea. By the by, I have very little trust in the ability of Indian psychiatrists to treat any patient.

The crux of Indian problem, haunting every educated person, is that Indian media with their illustrations and depiction of anti-Muslimism have terrorized, poisoned and corrupted the Indian minds, especially Hindus, so much that India majority think Muslims are bad guys, no matter where they live. This sickening propaganda has converted India into a large-size mental hospital that requires more psychiatrists than any other country in the world, including USA. India has to import good specialists from USA and Israel as early as possible to treat the neo-patriots who are other wise troubled by Indo- US flirting and latest nuclearism trends. More than Indo-US nuclearism India requires good psychiatrists to treat the poor Hindu guys whose minds are badly spoiled by media boosting.

Hindus seek equal representation in Malaysia

Indians driven out by India go hunting work and money abroad, but when found them and settled down, they begin Hindutva mooring in their activities and Indian government and Hindu organizations like VHP promote Hindutva or “Idianness” in other countries. Encouraged by Indian support, these Hindus construct temples illegally as they do in India. So much so, many Indians write lavishly why Saudi Arabia doesn’t live Hinduism and allow the Hindus who make money there construct temples illegally.

In Malaysia the Hindus similarly settled down for decades comfortably calling themselves as Indian Hindus and playing power politics to weaken the present government. Hindus control the Indian Muslims working there.

Not long ago, the Malaysian officials had been considering curbing the entry of temporary workers from India. When at least 10,000 ethnic Indians gathered late last year in Kuala Lumpur to demonstrate against alleged racial discrimination, it triggered political tremors in multi-ethnic Malaysia. Not only did the protest defy a state edict against unauthorized outdoor assemblies, it also broke a taboo against publicly questioning the country’s long-standing policy, like in any country, including USA , Israel and India , of preferential treatment for majority Muslim Malays. But in India Hindus are given not just preferential treatment but exclusive one. Muslims are selectively denied or rejected.

In Malaysia Hindus use tactics to convert Muslims into Hinduism with tacit support and active aids from India. Many were surprised that the protest was mounted by ethnic Indians, Malaysia’s smallest and most quiescent racial minority, who have been the strongest supporters of the National Front coalition government since it came to power in 1957. But dissent has grown among Indians recently with the destruction of Hindu temples that were built illegally and court cases that ruled that Muslim-born Indians could not convert to the Hindu faith.

Indians living in Malaysia seek equality in the country in all spheres and Hindus should be well-represented in government and private jobs. Malaysia suffered race riots in 1969 when ethnic Malays clashed with Chinese, who have come to dominate the economy since they started immigrating in the 19th century. Since then, however, peace has reigned among the Malays (52 per cent of the population), ethnic Chinese (25 per cent), Indians (8 per cent) and indigenous people (10 per cent). The policy of preferential treatment for Malays, known as the new economic policy, established in the wake of the 1969 riots, was meant to narrow the income gap between wealthy Chinese and poor Malays and indigenous people, known as bumiputra or “sons of the soil”, by giving the latter preference for university places and state jobs. Businesses were required to have a bumiputra partner, who would hold at least a 30 per cent equity stake. The policy succeeded in eradicating poverty among Malays and the policy has ensured this country’s stability.

A Word

India Hindus should try to accommodate the legitimate interests of fellow Muslims in the country in jobs and higher education, while the Indians living abroad should consider the fact that thy are creating problems for other foreigners living in the country concerned and the vicious atmosphere they create with their Hindutva moorings should not harm the genuine Indians seeking jobs abroad in future

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  1. Instead of using provocative terms like "Indian Hindus", use "religious extremists" to get an actual picture.