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Sunday, November 23, 2008


By David Brownlow
May 1, 2003

In an amazing battle that lasted just a few short weeks, coalition forces tore through the Iraqi army and left it in small pieces strewn all over the desert. It was unbelievable! The really good news is that during that remarkable 40 days of combat, fewer than 140 American soldiers died. Never before in history has an army invaded and conquered a foreign nation with such speed while receiving so few casualties. For that we can all be thankful.

However, at the same time our troops were fighting bravely in Iraq, there was another, far more deadly war being fought right here in America. And unfortunately, the casualty count in this other war was not so light. Not even close.

While we sent our soldiers 8,000 miles away to rescue the Iraqi people from the grips of an evil dictator, the amount of carnage that occurred in the U.S. is almost impossible to comprehend. In just the 40 short days it took to free the Iraq people, over 140,000 American babies died right here at home in the war against the unborn.

While we sent hundreds of thousands of troops and thousands of pieces of equipment half a world away to free an enslaved people, not even a single cruise missile ever left a launcher to stop the murder of 140,000 Americans. There were no M1 tanks or smart bombs sent in to destroy the machinery of death. The Apache gun ships were never dispatched to hunt down these ruthless killers, even though we knew exactly where they lived and killed.

No one published a deck of cards naming the most notorious of the bloodthirsty madmen who killed so many children. In the twisted logic of our time, total strangers living in a far away land, have more value to us than our very own children.

Then to add to this treachery, the greedy band of abortionists responsible for the killing received not only the full protection of the U.S. government, but they were also rewarded with lavish lifestyles and palatial homes. May God have mercy on us!

The whole premise of the Iraqi war starts to enter the surreal when we consider this bizarre irony. Our suspicion that the Iraqi regime possessed chemical and biological weapons was our main justification for invading their country. But, during the same 40 days we fought to rid the Iraqi regime of WMDs, the American abortion industry used a U.S. government approved chemical weapon, called RU-486, to kill thousands of American children. And, that was the WMD death toll for just 40 days! Over 500,000 children have been killed since this unprovoked chemical attack was unleashed on the unborn in 1993.

We are the ones who are going to set the rest of the world straight about the proper use of chemical weapons? The sheer hypocrisy of our leaders is frightening!

Since George Bush’s inauguration, there have been almost 3,000,000 Americans killed by abortion. No nation can survive genocide on this level of magnitude. Moreover, while we can all be proud of the magnificent job our troops did in Iraq, we should hang our heads in shame that so many died here at home.

So, before the U.S. launches the next attack on some other hapless nation, maybe its leaders can get on with some real business that actually affects the American people (i.e. ending abortion). 42,000,000 children have died during this American war against the unborn. Enough is enough!

It is time for us to hold our leaders accountable. It is time for us to end the slaughter!

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