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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pakistani Girls Asking for Mobile Phone Cards

Posted by : Asma Gilani

I teach in a girls college and have come across few stunning incidents. I started teaching in the college since last year and already I am stunned as how quickly things are changing and our society is deteriorating.

Once on the same site, another writer Ghazala Khan discussed as how she was harassed on a mobile phone, and how the girls might be getting exploited through it. I would like to present another side of the coin which is not only astonishing but also scary and shameful.

I just got freed after teaching my class and was walking towards the rest room, when the college principal called me in her office. When I reached at her office, I saw one of my students sitting there. Her face shaken and ashen. There was an older, red faced couple was sitting on the sofas, who were presumably the parents of the girl. I, perplexed, sat on the chair in front of Principal and looked at her inquiringly.

Principal asked me about the performance of the girl in class, and I said,” average.” Principal told me that she was visited by some boys last night at her houses, who were really angry. One of those boys was the son of Principal’s husband friend. That boy told principal that ‘Sana‘ (the girl who was sitting there right now) contacted him on the mobile phone, and asked for the friendship. The boy obliged. Sana almost daily took a mobile phone card from him. She in return chatted with him for hours in nights. They carried on with the mobile phone chat for 3 or 4 months and Sana promised the boy that she would marry him, and Adil was ecstatic. The name of the boy was Adil. Adil also presented the taped telephone conversation with Sana to the principal.

One day another friend of Adil jokingly told him that he had got a very cool babe as his friend, and they talked dirty almost daily. He told Adil that though she was very demanding in terms of card, but she talks good and spicy. He offered Adil her phone number. Adil refused. But that friend anyhow sent the number of that girl to Adil. When Adil looked at the number, it was the number of none other than Sana.

Adil asked his friend to call the girl now and keep the speaker on. His friend obliged. Sana talked really flirty and dirty with the Adil’s friend. Adil recorded the conversation, called Sana, and just repeated the recorded conversation. Adil demanded the explanation, and Sana showed an arrogant and aloof attitude. Adil’s friend told him that he got Sana’s number from another boy who from another.

Adil traced the number and decided to settle the matter himself. He then traced Sana to her college, and he knew the husband of college’s Principal. Instead of adopting any evil way to harm Sana, he contacted the principal and told her the whole story. Principal assured him that she would handle the matter. Principal called the girl’s parents, and now we were sitting in there office amidst the thick and heavy atmosphere.

Girl started weeping, but her father thunderous voice made her stop that. Principal then told her parents that she had investigated the matter more, and have come to know that Sana has not only done all that, but has also polluted other girls to do the same. There are now 10 to 15 girls in college who are pursuing this hobby and some have crossed the lines. Sana admitted that she not only had friendship with the boys on phone, but she also went with them on dates in parks and hotels.

Principal asked Sana’s parents to take her home and take care of her, and to not to send her again in this college. Principal also evicted other girls who were indulged in such activities.

In these dire and frustrating times, parents need to give extra and utmost care to their children. Teachers and parents should be talking to their children about such matters to avoid shameful, devastating and embarrassing situations

1 comment:

  1. Exactly. This should not happen in our country. I was very happy to hear that govt. is imposing tax on sms. but it never happened. not only girls but boys are also involved in this so they also should be monitored by their parents..