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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is India capable of becoming a secular democracy?

Dr. Abdul

With Kashmir under continued Indian occupation, obviously this is a trillion dollar question and the answer is a clear NO! Given the anti-Muslim, anti-Kashmiri and anti-Pakistan hidden agendas, Indian media, it appears, would never let than happen, either.

It is a pathetic commentary on Indian educational (and also social) system that even many Indian ambassadors still do not know that Jammu Kashmir had been once an independent country until 1947 when Indian terrorist forces tactfully annexed it, militarized it and still continues to kill the inhabitants there in a sustained manner. Indian paid fanatic journalists argue what is being done to Muslims in Kashmir and India is correct because India as the “big’ bully guy around, has the right to misbehave or terrorize Muslims and hence they churn out heaps of anti-Muslim, anti-Kashmiri, anti-Bangladesh and anti-Pakistani garbage for the consumption of the emotional Indians. One fails to understand why so much of malice allowed in Indian press against Muslims!

Of course, it is worthless talking about shameless insensitive people and nations again and again because they are rudely committed to lies and arrogance. They foolish, much worse than the monkeys and many other animal varieties like buffalos. But one is helpless in making a reference occasionally when watching the same retched scenario in India without even slight change and when terror is being unleashed in a sustained manner by Indian media. What a dirty nation the British rulers had created for centuries when they left it the monstrous Hindus to rule and ruin!

Muslims ill-treated, insulted, demoralized

From a small insignificant event to Olympics, India boasts too much if some Indian, preferably a Hindu, manages something for “motherland”. Consider the lousy game called cricket where the maximum possible mischief could be played on the field with not many observing the tricks and adjustments made before the match. Who will get whose wicket, who will score how many runs and centuries, the total score and wickets, and literally every thing could be pre-determined by the cricket mafia and their networks while the players just try to play accordingly.

When it loses a match, India pretends as if nothing has happened in cricket, but when it by chance wins a match, the media blast the news out of proportion with big size photos mainly of Hindus. And if the win was thanks to Muslims cricketers, then media keep mum about the game all together. But if a Hindu makes half century, then his photo is blue-colored in several poses, again out of proportions, as if without those 50 odd runs the entire country would go ashtray and Indian watchers gone semi-mad. When Yousuf Pathan, an Indian Muslim, made the highest score on Sept 16 against the Aussies n Hyderabad , the world does not even know about that and the only thing Indian Hindutva media noted was “ India loses” in a small corner, they refused to publish even a small photograph of Yousuf Pathan. But on 17 when Indians some how fooled the New Zealanders, according to a plan, the media came out with top news with photos of Hindus who “made” the game worth. What exactly is democracy or secularism? Should not one say that is shameless India , shameless Indian secularism and shameless Indian democracy that the nasty Indian media project day and night?

Hindus and their media remain just anti-Muslims even after a scientist Dr. Kalam was the president of India for 5 long years. How? Has his preaching fallen into deaf ears? Can’t the Hindus at least pretend that they do like Muslims in some measure? How quick was India in removing him from presidency!

Muslims are ill-treated in India . But Indian Hindus think, for no reasons, that Muslims are unnecessarily pampered in India and Hindus don’t’ get any thing in their “own” country. In practical terms it could amount to mean that the Muslims are let live in this country on Hindu mercy and they should not talk any thing bad about great India and its Hindu oppression ay where. But India media just don’t tolerate any criticism of their Hindu people. Not just that they keep tracking in global media which they try to dominate with filthy anti-Islamic notes, to see nothing bad is written about India . They even coerce the editors abroad not to entertain the Muslims (from India ) with any thing negative about the “great secular country”. And many editors do play with those who try to expose anti-Islamism in India . This is deliberately done even in Muslim countries during Ramadan month; World over the Indian missionary guys do the anti-Muslim job systematically.

Why Indian media ignore Muslim interests?

At times, some rash, anti-Kashmir items written by anti-Kashmiri Hindu appear on Islamic media in India , Pakistan and elsewhere, including Gulf, appeasing the Hindutva and their anti-Islamic media. Ask the Indian editors, if they would publish similar stuff against Hindus or Pundits in their newspapers and e-journals? Certainly not! The Indian media lords belong to the state terrorist democracy (STD) called India which is a part of nations of International State Terrorism (IST).

India wants to destabilize its neighbors and it uses the media to cater for that need. It is a joke listening from Indians talking about “truth and courage” when the Indian media know only lies and generation of hatred towards Muslims in India and Kashmir . It has become a fashion for Hindus in India to evoke ISI or Pakistan to justify the Indian nefarious activities against Muslims in India and Kashmir . Indians cleverly bypass the hidden agendas of RAW and IB and other secret agencies plotting against Muslims in India , Kashmir , Pakistan , Bangladesh and else where.

Kashmir has been burning, Kashmiris are being brutally murdered by India , Kashmir lands are being annexed by Indian occupation forces regularly, but Pundits, fuelled by New Delhi , still support Indian state terrorism and slam the Kashmir freedom groups. When the entire Kashmir was reeling under the economic terrorism by Jammu Hindus, the Pundits did not face any difficulty in finding the goods as India supplied to them without any problems. They are keen to loot the Kashmir land for a Hindu god staying outside India . The presumption that the pundits are of a great race above all other human beings and much above the Kashmiri Muslims is atrocious, to state the least. The Indian Hindus suffer under the terrific illusion that Hindus are simply great, greater and greatest. And full stop. These self proclaimed great Hindus in Jammu Kashmir try to tarnish the image of Kashmiri Muslims, who are already sufficiently insulted and humiliated and inured and killed, knowing that global anti-Islamic media espoused by Hindu media of India would give them grand support.

Indian Hindu militants destroyed the Grand Babri Mosque but the Pundits did not condemn the ghastly episode of Hindutva terror forces. Lakhs of Kashmiri Muslims have been brutally murdered by their Hindu terrorist forces occupying Kashmir and have they opened their wide mouth that time to condemn the ghastly genocides and other nefarious atrocities like rapes against Kashmiris Muslims? Don’t the Kashmiri Hindus consider them as their fellow beings?

It is utterly shameless that Pundits in Kashmir still speak for India and not for Kashmir , but they are not above other pro-India Muslim Kashmiris either. First of all they must learn from Indian media about how to live like your own, that the Pundits should learn to live like Kashmiris and support the freedom cause of Kashmiris. Pundits and other Hindus should ask Indian editors to be considerate about Muslims living in the country as well as Kashmir and take up at least genuine issues, if not all legitimate ones, for focus so that they could get their due place I the country. They are not second class citizens or sub humans as the Indian media think “innocently” in this “innocent” India . Pundits should stress that Indian terror forces stop killing Kashmiris, rape Kashmiri women, terrorizing Kashmir children. They must threaten the India to quit Kashmir and let the Kashmiris live in peace.

Indian journalism is formatted in anti-Islamism and combating the malice of anti-Muslims is the greatest challenge today. Hindus must come forward to join the Muslims to expose the state terrorism and hidden agendas of Indian central and state governments. Hindus should know they in India and Jammu Kashmir enjoy the shares in economic and security advancements of Muslims as well. Yet, they shamelessly put all blame on the defenseless Muslims.

Mistake lies in the funny attitude of pro-India Muslims in Kashmir and Kashmir media that have worked for India and Hindu interests in Kashmir , and hence the Kashmiri Muslims continue to be suffering even now. Media in Kashmir should protect the legitimate interests of Kashmiris struggling for sovereignty back from occupying India and certainly not against them. Kashmiri Muslims cannot dream that they are welcome in New Delhi even as their agents in Kashmir . They are in fact hated by Indians; they are singled out for torture in Tihar and other jails. Perhaps, Kashmiris Hindus can appease India if (and because) their interests lie in Hindu India. But the more Kashmiris tolerate terrorist Indian occupation, the worse for them!

Meanwhile, India should showcase not its weapons toilets in Kashmir or elsewhere in the region, but its possible ability to comprehend the principles of democracy and secularism.

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