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Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Unlikely Celebrity Sex Tape: Malaysian Minister

By Mike Nizza
An Unlikely Celebrity Sex Tape: Malaysian MinisterChua Soi Lek found out the hard way that “some Malaysians have a holier-than-thou attitude.” (Photo: Associated Press)

If Malaysia’s Minister of Health, Chua Soi Lek, were a lucky man, he might have fended off recent accusations of infidelity the way many others have: by working the he-said/she-said angle for everything it is worth and hoping that the next news cycle forgets you.

But Mr. Chua is not a lucky man, at least not today.

It seems the ministerial sex romp in question was captured on tape — from four different angles — and then edited into not one but two full-length DVDs, which were peddled on streetcorners and even seemed to reach some people as junk mail, according to the New Straits Times, a major Malay daily controlled by the ruling party.

As you might guess, the tapes have produced one helluva political scandal, which Malaysian officials initially addressed with several creative versions of “no comment.” More from the New Straits Times:

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  1. Just by looking at the picture of Mr.Chua, I would say this is the sex tape I wouldn't want to see, no pun intended...