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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Are there Aliens who look like Humans living on this planet Earth?

By Marcus Salek

As the years roll by, I am becoming more convinced that there is a species of human-looking beings on this planet that are not part of the human race. They are hybrids from another planet who are born without the gene of compassion. This is why they can easily kill us humans without remorse.

It is these aggressive half-breeds that run the world today. Through some kind of hypnotic trances or cerebral implants, they are also able to get weak minded humans to do their dirty work so they can remain in the background. These entranced humans are their front men that get elected to public office using mind control techniques invented by Edward Bernays, the father of mind manipulation and one of them.

Based on ancient drawings found in caves, an alien space ship apparently landed in the old land of Karzaria about 2000 years ago. Since then, they have selectively crossbred into the human race through cloning and intercourse with unsuspecting humans. This is why they only marry their own and don't assimilate. The aliens keep themselves pure by only breeding with each other. This maintains there alien race and keeps there genetic structure in tack. They thrive on negative energy and gain strength when there is war, hate, and destruction. Christians call them Satan. They are not from this world.

They demand that all other human races on the planet breed with each other so as to weaken their genetic base and make the aliens more powerful. Those who don't do this are called racists. This term "racist" is an emotional term designed to make those who don't support this ideology appear to be evil. This in turn generates anger and negative energy and makes the Aliens more energized.

Now as weird as what I have said may be, does anyone else have a better explanation?

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