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Monday, September 28, 2009

Start for yourself

Start for yourself
Face your greatest fears
And take the new step of faith
Because only who can see the invisible
Can do the impossible.

God opens a door before your eyes
It's up to you to find out
Help yourself and explore the things outside.
If only you could see the genuine smile
Through the eyes of an innocent child
That gives you different insight

Sometimes it's better to be like a child
They take the challenge of life
No matter what comes out
You will see them playing around.

If you want to cope-up with your grief,
You must help and start for yourself
Minimize your self-centeredness,
Maximize your faith and strength for living
Because, God, you are still alive!

There are more things to explore outside.
Even the air you breathed, the voice you've heard,
The things you've seen,
Are enough to analyze,
You are still fortunate to be alive!

You are blessed to take another day
To feel the sun's ray
Hey, didn't you know that you are nature's greatest miracle?

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