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Monday, September 28, 2009

Longest Stint of Tenpin Bowling World Record set by Stuart Ridley

Stuart Ridley does nothing by halves. The 32-year-old Lower Hutt man is so passionate about tattoos he has plastered most of his body with 36 dragons.
Now "Tattoo Stu", as he calls himself, is trying to break the world record for the longest stint of tenpin bowling with more than 100 hours of sleepless action. "When I want to do something, I like to do it big. It's like Texas big, or bust."
The idea began when Mr Ridley, a casual bowler, heard that the last Kiwi to attempt the record had stumbled early on. "He only did 33 hours and then he started to hallucinate."
A self-described insomniac, Mr Ridley was confident he could last the distance. "I won't stop unless I collapse."
He learned how to survive on snatches of sleep when he worked early hours as a pastry chef. "If I wanted to see my mates, I had to stay awake."
Training so far has included a couple of 16-hour bowling sessions, and entire weekends without sleep. "Put it this way: I know I can stay awake for 100 hours. The only question is, can I bowl for 100 hours?"
His ordeal will begin at 9am on Monday at Strike Entertainment Centre in Lower Hutt and he expects to finish about 7pm on Friday which would be a record-breaking 106 hours.
To keep to Guinness' standards, he has to swap to a new lane if there is a breakdown, and submit to drug tests at the start and finish of the marathon.
He is allowed a 10-minute break every two hours.
Proceeds from anyone who bowls in the five lanes next to him will go to teen cancer organisation CanTeen.

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