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Monday, September 28, 2009

World’s Most Expensive Bottle World Record set by Donald Edge

A bottle of spirit valued at over $2 million was revealed to the world last night. Chambord, the French black raspberry liqueur and leading bespoke jeweller Donald Edge have joined forces to create the ultimate luxury liqueur – a diamond, pearl and gold Chambord Royal orb bottle.

The bottle is believed to be the most expensive ever created and is currently being valued by Guinness World Records.

Chambord by Donald Edge was created to celebrate the launch of Chambord Presents Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring Anna Friel and Joseph Cross at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.

It features over 60 carats worth of diamonds including 1,100 round brilliant cut diamonds, pear cut diamonds, a square cut emerald diamond, the finest round pearls and hand-wrought eighteen carat yellow gold.
The exquisite bottle is being unveiled tonight at London Fashion Week and will be displayed following the opening night of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
For those with a spare $2 million, Chambord by Donald Edge is for sale.
“We were thrilled and delighted when Donald Edge agreed to recreate our famous bottle in diamonds as his jewellery is breathtakingly beautiful," says Charlotte Ashburner, Chambord brand manager.
"Chambord is the epitome of glamour and the Chambord by Donald Edge bottle truly represents the fashionable spirit of the brand.”
  • Donald Edge comments, “To be asked to recreate a jewelled Chambord bottle to celebrate the launch of Breakfast at Tiffany’s is such an honour.
"The bottle itself, a Royal orb, is such an iconic design – to encrust it in diamonds, pearls and gold only enhances its natural beauty – it is a work of art.”
Other bottles of alcohol that tip the $1 million mark include:
  • The Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne at $1,946,617.
  • The world’s most expensive tequila, the La Ley del Diamante (the Diamond Sterling)
  • Tequila, which is priced at $1,547,880.
  • The most expensive Vodka is the DIVA Premium Vodka, priced at $1,060,000.
  • About Chambord

    Chambord can be purchased from Sainsbury’s, Threshers, John Lewis Food Hall, ASDA and Waitrose stores throughout the UK and from (RRP: £6.49 20cl bottle). For further information, visit

    * Chambord is crafted from the world’s finest black and red raspberries, authentic Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey and XO cognac to create a delicious all-natural black raspberry liqueur.

    * Chambord is crafted on the premises of a traditional Loire Valley Chateau south of Paris, using only the finest all-natural ingredients in a unique three-step process

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