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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Asha Bhonsle - Sung Most Number of Song set World Record

Since 1994, Asha Bhonsle has been carefully documenting the number of songs she has sung. At last count, she says it stands at a staggering 13,000. As her 76th birthday approaches on September 8, Asha says that she is "pained" to see that nobody is recognizing her record attempt.

"I am glad that has placed me and my album at 37 on the World's Greatest Music Albums of all times, ahead of even AR Rahman (who stands at no 44). I humbly accept the honour. But there's something I think I truly deserve and I was surprised when I was told that the record category (Most Recorded Artist) has been done away with," says Asha, referring to the Guinness Book of World Records, which has previously recognized Lata Mangeskar as the singer who has sung the most number of songs in the world (from 1974-1991).
"I have been carefully documenting the number of songs that I have sung. On my 60th birthday, there was a book published called Swar Asha. That book documented the number of songs I have sung. It stands at 13,000 now, mainly because of the large number of regional songs I have sung," she says.
But as she was readied to stake claim, a shock awaited her. "I am told that Guinness has done away with that record. I don't know what was the politics behind removing that record altogether and not allowing anybody to claim it again. I have been recording four to five songs a day for so many years to create the record," she adds.
But Asha says she does not intend to write to the Guinness authorities about it. What is occupying her energies right now is her plan to launch her grandson Chin2 Bhonsle (son of her eldest son Hemant) as a music director and opening a restaurant in Mumbai. "I have eight restaurants in the Middle East and now I want to open my restaurant in Mumbai. I am looking for a suitable location and should finalise it soon," she signs off.
Asha Bhonsle - Indian Bollywood (Movie) Singer Live Concert Video - She is Set World Record for Sung 13000 Songs.

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