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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gundam - World's Largest Robot in World Record Book

Tokyo 2016 today showcased its ability to engage with global youth in unique fashion by unveiling the most iconic ambassador in Olympic history - the world's largest robot proudly bearing the Bid's logo on his powerful left shoulder.

Standing in the heart of Shiokaze Park, the proposed venue to host the beach volleyball competitions in 2016, overlooking Tokyo Bay and the stunning Odaiba beach area, the 18m 'Gundam' robot is an awe-inspiring sight in Japan's dynamic capital, capturing the imagination of young people around the world. More than one million people have visited the robot in 21 days in the park.

Like a badge of honour, Tokyo 2016's Musubi logo was placed on the robot on Saturday, in a ceremony led by Athens 2004 Olympic Games gold medallist gymnast, Naoya Tsukahara, and Miss Nippon 2009, Marino Miyata.

The Gundam robot is part of the Green Tokyo Gundam Project. The project will help raise funds for new greenery throughout Tokyo as part of the transformation the city is undergoing within its 10-year ‘Tokyo Big Change’ that will be completed in 2016 for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The giant robot - immortalised as a cartoon shown on millions of television screens - stands alongside a special clock that has now begun counting down to the selection of the 2016 Games Host City, which features fellow Gundam animation series character and international youth icon, HALO.

Naoya Tsukahara, Olympic champion at Athens 2004, said:
“I am delighted that Gundam helping us to inspire young people to practice sport and act Green. Gundam actually was one of my childhood heroes, as well as an inspiration for countless other children around the world. His power of appeal has attracted more than one million people in three weeks, which is so impressive!
“In winning the Gold Medal at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, I achieved a goal that other young people also dream of. I now hope to inspire them to pursue this dream. I support the Tokyo 2016 Bid because it would be the most athlete-focused Games ever, and because it includes a comprehensive Youth Programme to educate and inspire future generations through the Olympic Movement.”
Dr Ichiro Kono, Tokyo 2016 Chair and CEO, said:

"Tokyo 2016 has promised the Olympic and Paralympic Movement unique ways of reaching young people. As the youth of Tokyo and Japan will know, our iconic new ambassador is actually part of a campaign to draw attention to green projects and spaces in our capital city. Being surrounded by water and greenery is the perfect environment to enjoy sport and a healthy lifestyle and a major part of the legacy the Tokyo 2016 Games will create for future generations."

Close to the Gundam robot is Odaiba Marine Park - Tokyo 2016’s proposed venue for the Olympic triathlon and marathon swimming events. As one of Japan’s most popular tourist sites, the Marine Park combines a dramatic cityscape, historic landmarks and a natural waterfront setting which is famed as a place to watch the sun go down. The inlet-shaped park is ideal for the design of the triathlon course, which will be viewable from grandstands.

Gundam - World's Largest Robots Tokyo Japan exclusive Youtube Video


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