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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Most Number of Human Dominoes Toppled World Records set by Blue Peter

Most Number of Human Dominoes Toppled World Records set by Blue Peter

Blue Peter presenter, Helen Skelton, BBC weather girl Laura Tobin and BBC News presenter Tim Willcox all took part in the record-breaking feat.

The game involves dominoes substituted with mattresses held by participants who each take it in turn to collapse backwards.

A team of Guinness World Record officials was also present to adjudicate. In order to break the record each mattress needed to "touch the one behind it and there needed to be a consecutive chain of toppling mattresses", a spokesman said.

The event began outside the BBC Television studios but ended inside. The mattresses were donated to Cancer Research following the record attempt.

The existing record was 80 mattresses set in Sydney by a mattress company in August earlier this year.
In July this year a video of staff at Bensons for Beds in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, attempting to break the record became a big hit on YouTube .

The members of staff set up 41 mattresses across the warehouse.
Mattress dominoes is thought to have began as an American college pastime but has become increasingly popular in the UK.

Julie Flitter, administration manager at Tewkesbury Home Distribution Centre who organised the stunt, said: ‘We contacted the Guinness Book of Records, and apparently there is no official world record as yet – so we submitted details of our attempt and we’re just awaiting confirmation that we’ve set it.’

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