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Friday, September 11, 2009

Asthma Can Be Dangerous For Pregnant Ladies

A baby to be born brings lots of happiness in anybody’s life. Everyone is really very excited for the new one to come into this world. It completely changes one’s life especially the parents of the child. But life is not so simple and easy. There may be certain complications. One of the complications may be caused due to the asthma. Any pregnant lady suffering from a chronic disease like asthma should be really very careful while one is pregnant. Asthma can be caused by certain allergens present in the atmosphere thus a pregnant lady should be very careful of these allergens. These allergens may be pollen grains or hairs of pets like dogs and cats.

Asthma may be a hereditary disease also. If a pregnant women is suffering from asthma then may be the child also suffers from the same leading to complications and making it difficult for the child who is yet to be born. A chronic disease like Asthma shows variations and fluctuations ion pregnancy due to hormonal changes in ladies while they are pregnant. Around one third of the women show a positive drift and get treated of asthma to a great extent whereas around one third show much more degradation as compared to the earlier condition. The infants of such women suffer a lot and there may be a lot of complications in delivery.

The major concern of this disease asthma during pregnancy is the asthmatic attack that one may encounter thus leading to the deficiency of oxygen inside the lungs of the mother. The baby does not take the direct supply of oxygen from the air. It depends on the mother for oxygen. During the attack the oxygen supply is reduced to a great extent inside the lungs of the mother thus making it difficult for the baby to breathe thus leading to a number of complications. It is thus advisable for the mother to take proper medication and even preventive measures to prevent such asthmatic attacks.

One may follow certain steps so as to try & prevent asthmatic attacks during pregnancy. Thus pregnant ladies should stay away from the crowds. Certain other factors like the smoke from the cigarette, be it first hand or may be second hand may trigger the asthmatic attack; therefore one should stay away from smokers and even should not smoke.

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