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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Causes Of Low Libido In Women

Due to changing life conditions and busy lifestyle many women have started suffering from low libido problem which is decreased desire for sexual activities. In this article we are going to find out the different causes responsible for low libido in women.

Emotional Disbalance
A woman has many things to deal in her life like taking care of children, office work, rising prices and other such problems can take a heavy toll on a woman’s sex life. The problem further worsens when your partner wants to have sex with you but you are not at all in the mood this is the point where the male partner has to understand her emotions and not force her into sex because if one partner is not in mood then sex is not going to be enjoyable.

Unhealthy Lifestyle
With life becoming so hectic one does not get enough time to look after his or her body. With so many things to do in a day a woman barely gets 8 hours of sleep and rest she needs to keep her body healthy and free of tiredness. So it is imperative to take sometime out for yourself you can join a gym or yoga classes which will greatly help calm down your nerves and make you feel relaxed to a great extent.

Medical Conditions
There are also some medical conditions which hamper your desire for sex. For example after pregnancy your hormones can become imbalanced and you might loose interest also other conditions like menopause also cause low libido problems.

What Can Help You?
You can start taking 8 hours of sleep everyday, do simple exercises to keep fit and take help of some natural herbs which are quite effective in boosting your libido. Natural herbs act positively on your body and help release mood enhancing hormones which are essential for your overall health.

So looking at the above problems and their solutions it is not very difficult to come out of this embarrassing problem and live a happy life both off and on the bed.

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  1. There are a lot of reasons why women have low sex drives or libido. In fact both men and women suffer from the same issue but perhaps for different reasons. In almost every survey conducted to identify sexual dysfunction the largest percentage of women picked low libido as the issue they deal with. Almost 33% of women survey stated that having limited desire for intimacy was their biggest concern followed by the inability to orgasm. So this is not a unique sexual dysfunction.