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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Has Nicole Kidman abandoned her adopted kids?

She may dote on daughter Sunday Rose, but Nicole Kidman has been accused of abandoning the two children she adopted with former husband Tom Cruise. Reports emerging from the US this week claim the Oscar winner's kids Isabella, 16, and Connor, 14 (seen in the picture as toddlers) - whom she and Cruise brought up during their 11-year marriage - no longer call her "mum". They now call her by her first name. And it's no surprise since Nicole has spent absolutely no time with them since the filming of Australia.
Kidman's US representative rubbished the reports, saying the article was "entirely made up" and that they were handling the situation.
Both Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise have gone on to remarry and have children, with Kidman and country crooner Keith Urban exchanging vows in 2006 and Cruise walking down the aisle with Katie Holmes the same year. They both have a biological child each from their second marriage (Nicole and Keith have Sunday Rose and Tom and Katie have Suri) while Isabella and Connor both live in New York with TomKat. And Nicole's neglect begins here. Tom it seems is also not a great step dad.
Neither Kidman nor Cruise attended the premiere of Will Smith's Seven Pounds - Connor's acting debut - with their son late last year but in July, Cruise took his adopted children to see David Beckham play soccer for team LA Galaxy in California. The Beckhams are his chums. And to the best of anyone's knowledge, Kidman has not been publicly seen with her adopted kids since she started filming Australia in May 2007.
The irony is that Nicole Kidman recently wrapped up filming an upcoming drama Rabbit Hole, in which she plays a suburban wife dealing with the loss of a child. Celebrity adoptions (Brangelina and Madonna topping the charts) have become popular but the follow up into the lives of these children doesn't always show a rosy picture. We're sure Connor and Isabella would agree.

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