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Sunday, September 6, 2009

HOW TO Begin a Weight Loss Program?

You have made up your mind. You are ready to lose the extra weight once and for all. You have chosen a diet and exercise program and are raring to go. These steps will help you begin your new weight loss program, so that you lose the weight and keep it off.


Step 1 - Write down your reasons for losing weight. Think of every reason you can come up with. Not only will this help motivate you to begin your weight loss program, it will help keep you going down the road.

Step 2 - Set a small, attainable, measurable goal. If you look only at your entire goal it might be overwhelming. Set a goal such as "one month exercising at least three times each week" or "losing 10 percent of my weight."

Step 3 - Think about possible obstacles you are likely to encounter. Come up with ways to overcome these. Write them down, and picture yourself acting them out. By seeing it in your mind's eye, you will have an easier time putting it to practice.

Step 4 - Talk to people in your life who you know will be supportive. Let them know you are starting a new weight loss program, and ask them if they will help you be accountable and come to your aid when you are struggling.

Step 5 - Clean your kitchen. Get rid of any foods that you know might be too tempting, even if you feel like you can handle them today. Replace them with healthy options, and fill your fridge with fresh, cut up, easy-to-grab fruits and veggies.

Tips & Warnings

- Take measurements of different areas of your body and write them down. In the future, when the pounds are not dropping as quickly as you'd like, measure again and see how many inches you have lost.

- If you have people in your life who are likely to try and sabotage your weight loss efforts, don't disclose your plans to them.

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