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Sunday, September 6, 2009

HOW TO Clean and Sanitize Smelly Shoes?

Unless you are kin to Imelda Marcos, you can't always afford to replace perfectly good shoes just because they are dirty or a little smelly. Here are some tips to extend the life of shoes and make them look and smell better in the process.


Step 1 - Brush any dirt or mud off.

Using a soft bristled brush, carefully brush off dirt and mud

Step 2 - Remove the laces and inserts.

Carefully remove the shoes inserts and laces. This will make the cleaning process easier.

Step 3 - Wash your shoes.

Mix 1 cup of baking soda into three or four cups of hot water. Use this to wash your shoes inside and out.

Also wash the laces and the inserts. Throw the laces in the wash with the rest of the laundry. They can also go through the dryer. Wash the inserts in the baking soda mixture. Let thoroughly dry.

Step 4 - Stuff your shoes with paper while they dry.

This will let your shoes keep their shape as well as help absorb moisture.

Step 5 - Once dry, sprinkle with baking soda.

Pour some baking soda into your shoes (be generous) and then shake them around to coat the top and bottom as well as the sides with baking soda. Dump out the excess powder. This will help with odor and moisture.

Step 6 - Finish the outsides of your shoes.

With a damp cloth wipe off the outsides of your shoes. This will remove any residue left by the baking soda water. Let them dry and then apply shoe polish to any leather parts (white cream polish for white leather and black shoe polish for any black leather parts).

Tips & Warnings

- Preventative measures are another key part of clean shoes.

- Soak your feet in green tea. Green tea has antibacterial properties and 15 minutes of soaking can kill bacteria and help a lot.

- Where cotton socks which absorb moisture better. Whenever possible choose white over other colors.

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