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Sunday, September 6, 2009

HOW TO Defog Bathroom Mirrors after a Shower

Tired of not being to use your mirrors after a hot shower. Or leaving watermarks all over your mirrors. Well here are some tested solutions.


Step 1 - Here are some ways to ensure that you can use your bathroom mirror no matter how hot your shower is.

Step 2 - The best solution is to buy an Anit-Fog Solution. I personally recommend Rain-X which can also be used on your car windows. Simply apply the solutions with a paper towel or cotton cloth to the entire mirror. Your mirror will stay fog free for months.

Step 3 - If you happen to have a hair dryer handy after your hot shower then set it for the hottest setting and hold it 6 inches from the mirror. In a few minutes you should be able to see your mirror. Of course you have to do this every time.

Step 4 - This is an old but good one. Use shaving cream or shampoo on your mirror. First apply them to a towel and then wipe the towel over the mirror. The downside is as soon as you get water on the mirror it will start to fog again.

Tips & Warnings

- It saves a lot of time and cleaning by applying an Anti-Fog Solution to your mirrors.

- I recommend Rain-X which has been used for car windows and mirrors forever.

- Make sure test any Anti-Fog Solution on a small section of the mirror first.

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