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Sunday, September 13, 2009

How To Get Back With Ex – Not Everything Is Lost!

You are wondering how to get back with your ex. You feel this is a hopeless case and everything looks lost. But you must not lose hope because about 95% of all relationships need not to be over. Remember it only takes one person who wants to save the relationship. So if the desire is there to get back with your ex half the battle is already won.

Things to consider doing no matter how difficult:

Firstly you must consider leaving your ex alone for at least a month (little longer is even better). By doing this you will give you’re ex ample time to think things through.

This is important. Especially considering that in the heat of the breakup when emotions are stirred to a boiling point things get said. Things that you might not even mean or regret saying. This you only realize when things cool down and reasoning takes over. So let time do its thing.

If you don’t do this and try to push things your ex will dig in their heels and push back twice as hard. So do not try and force the issue to get your ex back. By walking out of the relationship your ex clearly demonstrated they need alone time. Respect that no matter how difficult!

Some legitimate concerns:

Your ex is dating someone else!

Well again everything is not lost because the fact is a lot of “rebound” relationships just do not work out. Most times for an ex to start dating again is just a way for them to try and convince themselves that the relationship is over. But by trying to convince themselves the relationship is over does not actually always mean that it is over.

Here you must also remember that stats and facts are on your side. Because “rebound” relationships rarely works and are normally plagued by difficulties simply because there is still that emotional connection between yourself and your ex. So do not let the fact that your ex is dating someone else distract you from your objective of getting your ex back.

Things you definitely must do:

The battle to get back with your ex is between yourself and your ex and nobody else. So what you must definitely do is:

Keep your appearance in top shape
Do not do things to alienate your ex in any way
Be in control of yourself and your emotions
These are the things you must do. As you can see not everything is lost. So stop wondering how to get back with your ex and keep your desire strong and use the above to your advantage and like I said by doing this half the battle is already won.

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