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Sunday, September 6, 2009

HOW TO: Get a Closer Shave?

Why buy fancy shave gels and shaving creams when the secret to a closer shave is already sitting in your shower. Makers of the "hi-tech" creams and gels might claim their products give you smoother skin and a closer shave, but the truth is hidden inside something you already buy.

Things You’ll Need:
- razor
- hair conditioner
- mirror (optional)
- a warm or hot shower

Step 1 - Allow your shower to become a bit steamy before you begin shaving. Your pores need to swell with moisture for you to get that cleaner, closer shave.
Step 2 - Reach for any bottle of creamy hair conditioner and let it sit on your skin. (same as you would shaving cream or gel)
Step 3 - Enjoy a closer, cleaner feeling shave. Just think, one less item on your grocery list!

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