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Sunday, September 6, 2009

HOW TO: Have well-toned Inner Thighs?

Unfortunately for us, the upper thighs, stomach, hips and back of the arms are the places where we store fat the most. Toning the inner thighs can often seem like an effort in futility. But all is not lost. With the right diet, cardio and weight training program just about anyone can have toned and sexy thighs.

Step 1 - Consult your physician before you start any workout program.

Step 2 - Revamp your diet. Toning your inner thigh is mostly about losing the extra fat that's covering the muscles that are there. To drop your body fat cut out the processed foods and eat six to eight small meals throughout the day to rev up your metabolism.

Step 3 - Do a high intensity cardio workout for 30 to 45 minutes a day six days a week. It's brutal but no one ever said it would be easy getting nice, sleek, toned thighs.

Step 4 - Create a leg routine that targets the inner thigh area. has a list of workouts that work well for toning the inner thighs. Combine them with the necessary cardio and your inner thighs will be looking better in no time.

Step 5 - Change your leg routine every six to eight weeks. Your body adjusts to workouts and they become less effective.

Tips & Warnings

Try walking up hill either outside or on a treadmill to tone the inner thighs. Walking hills is a high intensity cardio workout that also has the added benefit of toning up your legs just as weight training would.

Spot reducing is not possible to tone your inner thighs. So if you're doing the weight training necessary to tone your thighs but not the necessary cardio and diet regime, instead of slimming down your legs will get bigger. The muscle is larger but the fat is still there so your thighs may rub together more than they did before.

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