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Monday, September 7, 2009

HOW TO shape up your thighs with right exercises?

Most people become frustrated when they begin dieting and an exercise program in an effort to lose weight, because they simply can not obtain their goal. Chances are you dream of having tone up thighs but you are more then likely doing everything wrong.

When you start a diet your body goes into starvation mode because its relying on its own body fat for energy, so yes this does work but the slower metabolism burns no where near the amount of fat it would otherwise. Pair this with an endless walk on the treadmill and your heading for disaster. I don't no why people begin diets when there is a much more sufficient way to tone up thighs, without having to suffer food cravings!

A superfast way to tone up thighs, is weight training. Yep you heard me right, weight training. Women are usually afraid of weight training because they think that they will add muscle and become bulky, but they severely lack the key hormone testosterone, so no matter how much you train you will not get big. When you train with weights, your legs will grow lean muscle tissue which in turn speeds up your natural metabolism because muscle tissue needs more energy then fat to use. So yep that's right, you burn more fat when you watch TV and Sleep so your thighs will be toned in no time.

Also with weight training there is no extreme diets needed, you can eat more then ever but your choices will still have to be healthy ones. Stick to vegetables, lean meats, fruits and other low gi carbohydrates.

But the best thing about weight training is the you can tone up thighs in record time. It only requires about 15-20 minutes a workout and you will reap the benefits of a revved up metabolism.

A sample workout could be:

- 3 sets of body weight squats 15 repetitions each set. These are great to tone up thighs in all areas.

- 3 sets of walking lunges with dumbbells in your hand 15 repetitions each leg. These really help separate the muscle tissue in your leg, making your legs appear silky and smooth. Can also drastically help with cellulite.

- 3 sets of calf raises, these are brilliant to tone those calf muscles and make you look fantastic in shorts!

Did you know that there is a specific way to train with weights to achieve the best fat burn and in result tone up thighs, Well I sure did not. Using the right training methods you can tone up thighs in half the time!

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