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Sunday, September 6, 2009

HUNGRY hound Bertie was feeling under par after swallowing NINE golf balls and a BULLET.

The mutt stole the balls from a golf bag — before chewing them for his lunch.

Horrified owner Ben Jewell, 12, spotted three-year-old Bertie wolfing down a ball and told his dad.

The pair rushed the stricken dog to the vets - where an x-ray revealed another EIGHT balls and a bullet in his gut.

But the poorly pooch, from Heybridge, Essex, lived to tell the 'tail' after undergoing two-hours of surgery.

Ben's dad, who did not wish to be named, says the pointer bloodhound cross-breed was still feeling green after his op.

He said: "He is home now and looking a bit sheepish.

"He has a big scar on his belly and he is not allowed to go out on any walks for a few weeks but at least he is still with us."

Vet Emily Nightingale, from Clarendon House surgery, said: "We were absolutely flabbergasted when we saw the X-ray.

"He's a very lucky dog."

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