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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A letter from wife of an officer serving in Swat

A letter from wife of an officer serving in Swat 

This is a fascinating message from one of our sisters whose is also wife of a Ghazi officer serving in Swat and elsewhere to protect the Pak Sarzameen. We want to share it with you all. Those who have never shed their blood for the motherland nor risked any loved one can never understand how it feels to fight and die for a sacred cause, noble mission and romantic dream. Here our sister shares her feelings with us. She is absolutely right that it is India in Swat. We even have proof that there are non-Muslim troops fighting against us perhaps of Gorkha or Uzbek origin. It is time, nation stop doubting the cause and start backing the army big time. May Allah bless this land always and forever, AMEEN.

"Dear Brother Zaid Hamid

May Allah give you more strength, as you have touched our (Pakistanis’) hearts, and have brought us together on this platform. 

I am a wife, daughter, grandaughter, and daughter in law of army officers. Infact, I’m also the daughter of one of those “chand pagal pakistani’ who are still uncorrupt and working day and night to revive and progress some of our institutions. I have also experienced the tension as a wife, while my husband was serving the nation in Swat. It feels great once people applaud the sacrifices of army personnel. 

At this time I would like to point out how some people allege that our soldiers do this for the salaries and land allotments – Trust me you cannot PAY someone to put their lives on the line and to emrace shahadat (Martyr) for our country. Our soldiers unlike our enemies do not fear death cause they know that they are serving for the cause of a nation “PAKISTAN’. And because of that, no matter how many hurdles India has thrown in its way, ALLAH will save our beloved country.

REST ASSURED THAT IT IS INDIA BEHIND SWAT. Hindus have not come out of the complex that they lost their ‘Indian land’ to the Pakistanis.  
Thanking you


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