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Monday, September 7, 2009

Now an air-conditioned seat to keep your BUTT cool

The same company which came up with the air conditioned clothing and bag now unveils an air-conditioned cushion to keep people's butts cool. Seriously. Called the Suzukaze (which translates to "cool breeze"), the cushion keeps you elevated from the chair so cold air could come in directly from underneath. No more wet pants and wet chairs during summer.

There are actually three versions of the Suzukaze available. The Standard type is the basic one with a layer of Super Spacer material to keep you elevated. If there's a basic version, there's also an upgraded one called the High Grade variant which has dual-layer Super Spacer material and a touch sensitive switch which can turn the fan on or off. Finally, there's a car version of the Suzukaze which connects to a car's power adapter.

According to, running the Suzukaze air-conditioned cushion for one month (8 hours per day) on rechargeable batteries would only cost 5 cents. Kuchofuku, the company that created Suzukaze, hopes that it could help lessen usage of air-conditioners to save both energy and money.

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