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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Now control your iPod with your VOICE

We can't deny the usefulness of a voice controlled iPod at the gym, while running or snowboarding, or when overcome by the fits of extreme sloth more akin to our eXistenZ.

Hell, Apple has recognized the importance of hands- and eyes-free text to audio translation and audio navigation in a number of patent applications. But seriously DirectVoxx, the price of the accessory can't cost more than the device it accessorizes. Meet the $159 muso, a voice recognition dongle for the iPod nano (which starts at $149). Muso requires zero initial setup and training yet is said to understand natural language commands like, "play me some Led Zeppelin," or "gimme jazz." While a muso voice control application from Apple's App Store seems like a given, DirectVoxx says that, "the iPhone does not allow programs to access the iPod portion of the iPhone." Shame. The muso is iPod- and English-only for now and expected to ship in December. See it in action after the break.

Otherwise check the $100 voice control solution from Accenda expected in September.

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