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Monday, September 7, 2009

Now SPY on your bosses conversations, even behind closed doors

One of the more popular surveillance gadgets are eavesdropping devices used to listen into conversations someone might be having in a setting or over the phone. This gadget is so discreet that it is almost always very difficult to identify them.

Quite understandably, this can cause a bit of consternation, especially among organisations and even individuals who are worried they might be a target for one reason or other. Businesses are particularly worried because they may discuss things that may be of highly confidential nature.

This audio nullifier is a device which effectively blocks the signal of any device that might be used for such purpose; it can be used to counter some common listening devices such as microphones. The device itself works by creating a sound that nullifies the signal of the listening device thus rendering it unable to transmit sound to the receiver.

The area of coverage is 150 Sq. feet, which is quite substantial and would provide coverage for something the size of a small building. It is difficult to say how strong its performance is and whether it maintains that performance even if there are potentially things in the way which might reduce performance as some devices can have their performance greatly reduced by thick walls and objects thats intefere with signal.

Another potential downside to this device is that it its is unlikely to work to counter the more complex listening devices because it has a fairly limited counter as it is effective only against microphone devices. However, since microphones are commonly used for carrying out basic eavesdropping, this should be effective in most cases. But, for an organisation keen to protect ideas and data against possible intrusion, a more complex counter-surveillance equipment should be employed.

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