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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Options and Treatments for Spider Vein Removal

Choosing the best options and treatments for spider veins requires understanding the benefits and procedure for each treatment as well as the underlyign causes of broken or clogged capillaries.

While the causes are varied, poor venous health is the leading cause of blood becoming blocked in capillaries. Similar to varicose veins, malfunctioning valves or damage to vein walls blocks blood flow into and out of extremities leading to visual “starbursts” or protruding, visible red, blue or purple lines.

The options for repair include clearing, coagulating and improving overall vein health.

Latest methods
Recent advances in technology have made the removal of spider veins easy, less cumbersome and speedy. The latest procedures are minimally invasive and heals in quick time too.

A trained vein doctor in a specialized vein clinic is all that you need when you are looking to remove your spider veins. Most of these latest treatment methods either via an injection or laser treatment consumes an hour or less and you will be able to go back to your work or other engagements.

Options for Treatment
Sclerotherapy - Saline injections that help clear and coagulate trapped blood in broken, clogged capillaries. Generally for acute and localized symptoms.
Laser Treatment - Trunk and finger veins are “burned” removing visual starburt symptoms. Though it sounds painful, generally it is not, though careful treatment is required to prevent minute scarring and proper healing. For localized treatments.
Spider Veins Cream - Often a high concentratiion of Vitamin E combined with additional tissue healing ingredients. Helps fade visible symptoms while strengthening veins walls and improving valve operation. Best suited for large or widespread use.
General health and diet
Before getting to a discussion on the methods of spider vein removal, it is necessary to look at the precursors to this problem.

In a number of cases, this venous disorder relates to patients who are not quite conscious about their own diet and weight issues like obesity, poor diet, weight gain etc. Absence of physical activity is another major attribute in people contracting this affliction. When people are fit and active, chances are that they will not contract spider veins because you have lesser chances of a poor vein function.

For some of us, hormones and genetics may be the cause and in such cases, the problems arising out of this cause can surface from time to time in one form or the other. The process of ageing imparts elasticity to our skin and as a result, the vein walls tend to become relaxed. When the vein walls are relaxed, there is a tendency for blood to pool in those weak areas.

Over a period of time, this pooled blood oozes out of the vein and causes a clot to occur, leading to visible and at times painful veins. Instances like frequent travel; occupational demands calling for increased sitting/standing for long durations without movement can expedite the vein dysfunction paving way to spider veins. These are only some of the causes and situations which may call for removal of the spider veins.

Removing spider veins
Removing spider veins through laser treatment or through an injection is nearly painless and can be achieved in quick time when you have a good vein doctor and a specialized vein clinic.

When you opt for laser treatment, the spider veins are gently blasted and removed. On the other hand, if your option is Sclerotherapy, it is an injection which is adequate to address the entire vein. Changes can be noticed almost immediately. As for the expenses, make sure you consult your healthcare provider to understand your financial obligations.

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  1. Modern medicine offers a number of excellent treatment options which are minimally invasive and effective. Treatment spider veins is available primarily in two forms. Sclerotherapy and laser Vein treatments are the two most popular forms of treatment.