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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Priyanka’s sore eyes--may be because of some 'Boori Nazar'?

Come rain or shine, I’ll be going on. This line may be apt for Piggy Chops as on now.
Priyanka Chopra is said to be suffering from eye infection; but she has not a made an excuse out it. The ‘Fashion’able actress has been carrying on with her busy schedules despite of the conjunctivitis.

It seems the infection is due to her prolonged use of the contact lens. Priyanka is involved in two big bannered projects - ‘What's Your Raashee?’ which is complete and ongoing ‘Pyaar Impossible’. So she is going on shooting without any proper rest. She is also not willing to give up the use of lens, since it will hinder the shootings.

Sources said, "It is still a bit difficult for her to shoot, as when they need a continuation sequence of Priyanka, she has to wear the lenses."

Poor Priyanka. Maybe this is because of some ‘Boori Nazar’?

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