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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Risk of Breast Reduction Surgery

You may think that women with large breast are gifted but carrying an excessively large breast is accompanied by inconvenience and health issues. Women with huge breast are restricted to do some movements or physical activities. Carrying excessive weight on the chest could also result to chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. These are some of the reasons why most women consider breast surgery to reduce their bust size but you also have to know the risk of breast reduction surgery.

Although breast surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgery performed by doctors today, this procedure is still accompanied by risks. Aside from the high cost of breast surgery, here are some of the common risks of breast reduction surgery:

Permanent scars. In general, surgeries can cause permanent scars and this is also true in breast surgery. Although there are ways to make the scars less noticeable, you have to accept that the scars are still noticeable at some degree. Permanent scarring is one common risk of breast reduction surgery.

Inability to breast feed. Another risk of breast reduction surgery is the possibility not to be able to breast feed in the future. Milk ducts maybe affected during surgery and women who plan to breast feed in the future should be prepared to accept that inability to breastfeed is another risk of breast reduction surgery.

Changes in nipples sensitivity. Surgery may damage some nerves on the nipples that may cause changes in nipple sensitivity. Extreme sensitivity or loss of nipple sensation may happen. These nipple sensitivity changes maybe temporary or permanent and you have to be aware that this is a very disturbing risk of breast reduction surgery. Infection.

Delayed wound healing may occur after the surgery. Swelling and redness may occur within a few days after the surgery that could lead to infections. Be sure to keep the area clean and consult your doctor if you feel and notice something different. It is best to think over and over again before taking the drastic step of surgery to avoid its irreversible side effects.

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