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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Symptoms and herbal remedies for Vaginal candidiasis

Symptoms and herbal remedies for Vaginal candidiasis

Vaginal candidiasis or thrush. What issues arise in women with this diagnosis? What should be taken into account during the treatment of thrush, and what are the preparations for the treatment and prevention of this disease?

First, let’s see, what is vaginal candidiasis. It should be noted that vaginal candidiasis (thrush) does not apply to sexually transmitted diseases and discusses with them because of similar clinical picture. These microorganisms are present on the skin and mucous membranes (mouth and intestines) of most healthy people, but the disease is caused not simply the presence of fungi of the genus Candida, and their reproduction in large quantities.

In order to get sick vaginal candidiasis, are not necessarily close contact with a man. These problems are not evidence of laxity or disregard the rules of intimate hygiene. Fungi can get into the genital tract of women from the intestine and through contaminated objects. In addition, the disease appears when the person has decreased body defenses. Factors contributing to the development of candidacies (thrush):
* Antibiotics, antibiotics,
* Douching, syringing,
* Wearing close underwear (especially synthetic).

Symptoms of candidacies in women:
* Itching, soreness and redness in the vagina and external genital itching, soreness and redness in the vagina and external genitalia
* White cheesy vaginal discharge white cheesy vaginal discharge
* Pain during intercourse pain during intercourse
* Pain when urinating pain when urinating

Keep in mind that women older than 50 years, people with liver disease, adrenal dysfunction and allergic reactions to medication nizoral and oronazol must be taken with extreme caution.

Prevention of genital candidiasis (thrush) is reduced to the appointment of antifungal drugs for local or systemic use of antibiotics in the treatment process and the impact of other factors that reduce the overall and local immunity. A natural remedy for infection is highly preferred by a lot of people. First, because a natural cure is usually easy to prepare, with most ingredients available at one’s own home. Second, it does not pose much danger of adverse reactions since it is mostly made from pure ingredients. Third, these home made treatment methods usually work.

For women who suffer from vaginal yeast infection, natural remedies are some of the treatment options that would be worth their time to explore. Several of the more common ones are highlighted here.

Calm irritation with an oatmeal bath
Available in pharmacies, oats colo-dal is in the form of fine particulate matter in an aqueous solution. A warm bath where you added colloidal oatmeal is very soothing to irritated tissues, with itching. No cure, but will partially escape the discomfort.

Put a cold compress
If you have unbearable itching or burning, place a piece of flannel cold, wet, on the outside of the vagina. Both moisture and low temperature will improve the temporary discomfort.

Wear cotton underwear
Unlike nylon and other synthetic fabrics, cotton underwear to let skin breathe. In other words, allow air to enter and moisture to escape, thus reducing the risk of infection.

Avoid scented bath products
In contact with sensitive parts of the body, fragrance chemicals can cause severe irritation. Perfumed bath additives contain chemicals that increase the discomfort. You will be less vulnerable to thrush and other infections if you will wash with water and neutral soap, with a cream dermatologist or just water. Sparkling wines and bath salts (even and infant) must be avoided at all costs.

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