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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Unfolding Events

'Unfolding events' serves as pointer to the ongoing mayhem across the Pak-Afghan borders where a senseless and endless conflict is fueled by vague and vicious propaganda of WoT. Today, the world seems to deliberately ignore the fact that those directing the conflict from Western capitals are not the ones whose societies are bearing the greatest losses. That price is paid by ordinary Afghans and Pakistanis. An unwilling Pakistan was shanghaied into the catastrophic WoT - an expedition the Allied Forces surrendered realistically, but held on to it stubbornly to avoid loss of face. The hit-or-miss missiles fired by Drones caused tremendous deaths of innocent men, women and children along with the desecration of mosques and materials of reverence. This inflamed the wrath of those intrepid tribal who took up arms against their own armed forces that colluded with enemies to betray and belittle them. The rubble and the wreckages that abound the cities and villages in and around Swat and Malakand is a living testimony of the reckless and ruthless acts of frenzied foreign policy and atrocious administration. The intense shelling, strafing and bombing killed people, destroyed properties that included mosques and madressahs. It reminded the grisly and grotesque Lal Masjid operation where the prohibited white phosphorous was used to flush out the so-called militants. Burnt out tanks and armored carriers tell a sorry tale of the military juggernaut paying huge price for its punctured pride. For record sake, US UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles- popularly called 'Predator Drones') have killed upwards of 800 civilians with only 14 militants of value killed in 40 plus sorties.
The US govt., over the past seven years adopted an unprecedented program in American history of cruelly calculated, dehumanizing abuse and physical torture to extract information from its unfortunate victims of GITMO. The infamous and dreaded prison that specializes in inhuman experimentations that epitomizes the Bush legacy of illegal and immoral abuses that pale into insignificance the predatory practices of primitive Mongols and Tartars that created minarets of human skulls. Every civilized nation live by their commitment to their Constitution that enshrines their resolve to live in peace and in harmony and to progress and prosper to mark their distinction and distinguished place among the comity of world nations. A constitution broadly defines and divest powers to three principal pillars of the State: the Assemblies of popularly elected public reps with power to legislate; the Executive branch of selected administrators to execute and to the Judiciary comprising the Bench and the Bar to adjudicate. Meticulous care is taken to safeguard and resist the blandishments and incursions of one branch to the other. Accordingly, Supreme Court jealously guards its separation-of-powers jurisprudence which is always animated by concerns of encroachment and aggrandizement - incidences that replete the judicial history of Pakistan. The Tamizuddin Khan case in the past, and Tikka Iqbal case of recent times are the judgments classified as having presidential effect. These cases are just a small window into what is a fairly extensive judicial record. Justice Munir in the past and Justice Dogar of the recent past shall go down in the judicial history to have prostituted their positions to ignominiously perturb the delicate balance of powers between the three pillars on army's behest and bullying pressures.
Peoples' support and their combined strength stymied the illusive plans and prejudices of a corrupt administration into submission to re-instate the deposed Panel of SC Judges, who they thought would enhance courts ability to faithfully apply the law and avert the cunning and the cowardice of those CJs who intuitively - and furtively - put their impermissible thumb on the scales of justice. The many 'Suo Motto' cases undertaken by the present CJ had endeared him to the great majority of the people, who participated in droves to weather the storm unleashed by the administration, in their struggle to revive the judiciary to pre-Nov 03, 07 configurations. The peoples' trust in CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry stemmed from the concept that there must be 'objective stance' to the law if the law is to have any meaning beyond the idiosyncratic 'perspectives' of those who wear the judicial robe. A scorpion would always sting. It is his instinct. The plague of provincialism is manifest in the poisonous railing of those who default the enlightened Punjab for the reversal of a touted judgment against the Sharifs.

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