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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Want Ex Back – 5 Strategies You Can Use Now!

The reality is that in all likelihood after a break up, you may set out and start seeing other people. But, when you invariably, during or after these dates find yourself thinking about your ex and that you want your ex back, you may just wonder if there is anything you can do to rekindle the old relationship you had with your ex?

Well here are 5 strategies you can execute if you want ex back:

Firstly, don’t invest time and energy on people who aren’t your ex. You need to concentrate all of your energy on your ex. You got to keep your eye on the ball, so stop your flirting and stop seeing other people. And a definite no-no is sleeping around. If you do any of these things your mindset will not be trained to focus on your task of getting your ex back.

Secondly, keep your self-respect. Do not under any circumstances chase after your ex, swamping them with hundreds of text messages, phoning them at unusual times of the day, or even worse stalking them. More importantly is that you need to make them value you and treat you well. Don’t be a weakling. You will only command your ex’s respect and love when you are yourself at your best.

Thirdly, make a list of the things you treasure about your ex and spend some time brooding over them. Sometimes, after a bad split up there are all sorts of accusations flying around. But now that you have some breathing room and time, begin to focus on their good points. This step will actually put things into perspective for you.

Next, when you do get back together, try energizing your relationship by doing new things. Have an adventure together or take up a new hobby together. Find something you can do together. By changing the surroundings of your relationship, you will improve your chances a lot more of making it work the second time around. One of the biggest pitfalls to avoid is by falling into the same old habits. You may even consider scaling your relationship down a tad. If you were for instance living together, try staying in separate places for a while or if you maybe were engaged, try just dating. Don’t try to pressure your relationship back to the way it was.

Finally, create a common sense of destiny. Map out with your partner where you two want to go together with your lives. When you do this, you create a sense of purpose for yourselves and create a place for both of you in each other’s lives.

When you want ex back, you have to work with different scenarios. So if you follow these strategies you may just make it work and get your ex back. And that is after all what you want.

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