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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Which Oily Skincare Products Should You Use?

Oily skin care involves regular cleansing and exfoliation to keep skin healthy.

Natural oily skincare products are typically best. Most people with oily skin have large pores and you don’t want to be absorbing harsh chemicals through them. The focus of an oily skin care regimen should be on getting your skin to produce less oil and keep your pores unclogged.

Although it can be tempting to want to use oily skincare products that contain alcohol, it is important not to. Alcohol is commonly found in oily skin care products because it dries up the oil but it can also cause inflammation and irritation. Additionally, it is only a temporary fix most people find that their skin greases right back up shorty after using an alcohol based product.

There are many ingredients that are less commercial that work well for oily skin care. Kaolin is one of those ingredients. Not many oily skincare products contain Kaolin, but they should. This natural ingredient is an extract found in clay from the Southern Alps. Kaolin absorbs oil and extracts dirt and debris from your skin. It dries skin out mildly and naturally and helps heal and prevent blemishes and inflammation.

Many people with oil skin avoid using a moisturizer because they want to avoid making their skin look more greasy. Even people with oily skin need to use a moisturizer they just need to make sure they use one that is specified for oily skin care. There are certain ingredients in moisturizing oily skincare products that work more effectively than others.

Some moisturizing products that are good for oily skincare have an ingredient called Crodamol OP. This ingredient is a mild emollient that helps soften and smooth oily skin without clogging pores. Additionally, a passion fruit extract called Maracuja is another natural emollient that also helps regulate the production of oil so your skin doesn’t become to oily or to dry. Both of these ingredients are excellent additions to an oily skin care product.

Regardless of your skin type it is essential that you develop a good skin care regimen. The temptation to over wash and under moisturize your skin when you have oily skin can be overwhelming. It is very important to find good oily skincare products and stick with a solid regimen rather than drying your skin intentionally or over washing it.

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