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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Winning Back Your Ex – The 5 Anti Head Games Steps

After being dumped you no doubt will be swamped with all kinds of theories in what to do to get your ex back. Most of these theories have some kind of head games attached to them. But winning back your ex by playing head games can have some negative effects especially after winning them back.

Let us look now how you can win your ex back without playing head games:

1. Only call them to “keep in touch” or on special occasions. Be careful to not overdo it. It will be difficult considering that you were used to speak to them every day but this way you keep the door open for reconciliation.

When trying to win back your ex sending them a small gift on their birthday can only work in your favour.

2. What you also can do is to email them some information which they will enjoy. Like a news story or information about their favourite band. You can even send out jokes or personal updates to your friends and then make sure your ex is on the responder list.

3. If you are serious about getting back together then you should not sleep around or even date someone else. Once again contrary to some advice you want to avoid making them jealous. You should listen to that little voice whispering in your ear “What if you do get back together?”

4. Keep your real emotions to yourself. You do not want your ex to dictate the future. So avoid spilling out all of your deepest emotions to your ex by telling them you cannot live without them. As soon as the balance of power shifts to your ex then you risk getting back together on their terms which will not be healthy for you going forward in the relationship.

5. Do not sit on your laurels. Use this time to improve your mind and body. Exercise regularly, change your look and spend time on self improvement not only for your ex but also for yourself. In no time you will start feeling good again about your future.

As you can see the key to winning back your ex is to avoid playing head games in order to get them back but instead to go out and build a strong foundation for the future.

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