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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Curse Of Celebrity On Marriage

Rebecca & John

Just in time for her movie premiere The Punisher , Rebecca Romijn-Stamos announced that she and her husband John Stamos have separated after a 10-year relationship, which included almost 6 years of marriage.

And although one would think she'd be depressed about the situation, Rebecca's doing her thing by appearing on talk shows to discuss the movie and glide over the separation. So one has to wonder; will this help or hinder her career? And will she mysteriously reconcile with John once the premieres come and go?

The outcome remains to be seen.

David & Posh & Rebecca & Sarah

Recently, word got out that soccer superstar David Beckham, who claimed that he loved his wife Victoria Beckham (a.k.a. Posh Spice) with his heart and soul, had a torrid affair with none other than his personal assistant, Rebecca Loos.

Funnily enough, most of Britain, who considers the couple royalty, blames Posh for the affair, but when the tish hit the fan, I think we all know exactly who that tish belonged to.

Loos claims that she and Becks got down and dirty on a few occasions. And now, a second woman, an Aussie named Sarah Marbeck claims that she, too, did the nasty with the Real Madrid soccer player. Whether it's all true remains to be seen, but there's no doubt that with fame, comes lots and lots of scandal. And you don't need to come from Hollywood for that to happen.

Tom & Nicole & Penelope

When Tom Cruise announced that he and Nicole Kidman were getting divorced in 2001, everyone tripped out because they just "seemed so happy." The announcement came just before their 10th wedding anniversary.

Then, after we all took a moment to blink, Tom was humping his Vanilla Sky co-star Penelope Cruz. And considering Tom was just walking away from a second divorce, men across the world were sure that Penelope wouldn't be getting a diamond any time soon.

Lo and behold, Cruise waved ba-bye to Cruz after three years together and now rumors are circulating that Tom and Nicole may be patching things up "for the sake of the children." Then again, that might just be the press messing with you.

Now Pam plans to remarry, Bruce, Demi, Ashton, and Brooke are having one big party, and check out who I think might make it in Hollywood.

Tommy & Pamela & Amp; Kid

When Pamela Anderson married Tommy Lee after only four days of dating, people assumed they were doomed. Two children and a domestic abuse charge later, the people were proven right.

After Pamela slept with half the city and got hammered every chance she got, she then claimed that Tommy gave her hepatitis C and wanted sole custody of their children. Then, she met greasy rocker Kid Rock and began dating him seriously. Surprisingly they didn't make a sex tape together.

After playing with his head (both literally and figuratively) for a couple of years, it seems that Tommy and Pam have decided to remarry. Of course, it is possible that they may last until death do them part this time, but then, that would be too easy.

For now, it seems Pamela is still content to bounce around from one greasy rocker to another. And even Tommy claims that he's dating none other than supermodel Naomi Campbell. But they'll probably get married anyhow.

Ashton, Demi, Bruce & Brooke

When Demi Moore and Bruce Willis called it quits in 1998, fans were stunned considering they seemed like a cool enough couple. And because Demi bombed in theaters with her rendition of a stripper in 1996's Striptease and then a tough chick in 1997's G.I. Jane , she gave Hollywood a rest while Bruce continued his career, quite successfully I might add.

Then, in 2003, a then 40-year-old Demi resurfaced, looking hotter than we've ever seen her, and with 25-year-old Ashton Kutcher on her arm. And if that wasn't enough, ex-husband Bruce was right behind her with their three daughters to boot.

After rumors swirled that Demi and Ashton were getting hitched, 49-year-old Bruce went and found himself a 26-year-old babe in the form of Brooke Burns. Rumors circulated that they, too, were engaged, but Bruce has since quelled the rumors. But considering this is Hollywood, I think they'll be married and divorced in no time.

Will anyone last?

Although the chances of anyone making it to the very end when it comes to relationships are close to nil, there are some Hollywood couples that I think may find a way to last forever.

Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston -- married since 2000
Guy Ritchie & Madonna -- married since 2000
David Arquette & Courteney Cox-Arquette -- married since 1999
Richie Sambora & Heather Locklear -- married since 1994
John Travolta & Kelly Preston -- married since 1991
Tim Robbins & Susan Sarandon (not married) together since 1988
Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson -- married since 1988
Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn (not married) together since 1982
Ozzy Osbourne & Sharon Osbourne -- married since 1982

Which celebrity once said: "Being married means I can break wind and eat ice cream in bed"?

1- Brad Pitt
2- Tom Cruise
3- Tommy Lee
4- David Beckham

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