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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Get Rid of Split Ends and Hair Breakage

By the end of the summer is quite usual to have dry hair, split ends and mainly damaged in any kind of way. The sun, wind and all the hair styling we stress our hair out during summer will bring to a bad hair condition that will make us regret it. This is the main is why we should pay more attention and try avoid them, in order to enjoy any new hairstyle or haircut we want to.

How to Avoid Damaged Hair

In order to avoid damaged hair, you should pay a little more attention during summer to all the damaging factors that could ruin your hairs condition. To start with, you should avoid sun exposure, by wearing a stylish beach hat or keep your hair in a comb for example. The sun and the salty breeze are extremely bad for your hair. They will not only dry, but fade your hair. Another way to protect it, would be to find styling or conditioning products with UV factors that will have a sunblock effect. If you want to have a swim (either the ocean or the pool) apply a leave in conditioner and try to wash your hair as soon as possible after swimming.

Keep your hair loose. Even the most simple ponytail can cause severe hair breakage and even the smallest amount of styling product can damage your hair.

Never brush your hair when wet, because this condition makes the hair extremely vulnerable.

How to treat Split Ends and Hair Breakage

The most effective way to get rid of split ends, of course, it’s to trim your hair regularly.

Also, a proper hair care routine is very important: wash from the roots to the tip and condition from the tips to the roots. Wash regularly and use hair masks once in a while.

Vitamin E can help not only if applied on hair, but if it’s a part of your nutrition. Make sure you have a healthy diet, with all the vitamin intake your body needs. A healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and workouts will help your body stay fit and keep even your hair in a better condition.

All these tips will recondition the hair follicle, but getting completely rid of split ends is possible only by copping it off.

Keep in mind that preventing split ends is much more easier than getting rid of them. Unless you an to cut your hair off. Have a proper hair care routine, avoid damaging your hair with styling tools and products, protect your hair from the external damaging factors and your hair won’t fail you down.

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