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Sunday, September 13, 2009

How Can I Get Back Together With My Ex? – The 3 Step Approach!

You suffered a recent break up. And now “How can I get back together with my ex?” is the single most question and thought process that haunts you every day. You need answers on what to do. You are on the verge of making hasty emotional decisions. Decisions which will ultimately, boomerang your chances of getting back together with your ex. It is understandable that you want to stop the hurt of missing your ex and that you want immediate results. This is common when facing the situation you are facing now.

But for now just sit back and gather your thoughts and take a deep breath, and then follow these 3 basic steps and you will get the answer to your “How do I get back together with my ex?” question.

1 - Acceptance of the Break Up!

This is important and your first step. Accept the reality of the break up. It may feel surreal especially after a serious relationship. But you must face this reality head on. Assure your ex that you are alright with the break up. This will allow the “moving on” and healing stage to begin.

By doing this you will clearly extinguish a huge amount of the tension and stress that is normally associated with a break up. You can use this time to also look hard at all of your options going forward. But also importantly this time is also a reflection time for your ex. He can use this time to reflect about his feelings for you and the relationship. Obviously if your ex still loves you getting back together will be much easier.

2 - Hard as it may be do not contact your ex!

Right now you should cut all communication with your ex. This may be hard to do but this step is important because this time can now be used for some “thinking”. And if you can accomplish cutting contact with your ex it will have the added advantage of signaling to your ex that you moved on and that you are doing just fine. Even if you did not or if you are struggling your ex will now have the opportunity to start missing you.

There is nothing better than a little bit of reverse psychology. Remember that whatever the circumstances of the break up it will also be hard for them. Breaking up is not an easy thing to do. But giving your ex some “thinking time” it will allow them to value the relationship and give them the opportunity to realize how an important part in their lives you are to them.

3 - Planning for the Get Together!

After completing the above two steps you can now start planning ahead for the big get together. Plan for where and when to meet as well as what you are going to say and what needs to be said. Doing this step will allow you to gauge if your ex still loves you and the chances of you two getting back together.

Using these 3 basic steps will hopefully eliminate your “How can I get back together with my ex?” question once and for all.

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