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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Win Girlfriend Back – Tips & Ideas You Can Use

If your girl has just walked away from your relationship and you are desperately looking for ways to win girlfriend back, then don’t look to romance movies for answers, as the techniques in movies only work in Hollywood.

If you want to win a girlfriend back the first thing you have to do is not put out a clingy or needy image. Most women are not attracted to these types of guys, and if you have already been through a breakup, the last thing you want to do is appear unattractive to her.

The better alternative to win your girlfriend back is to not send flowers, drive by her house or call her on the phone several times a day. This will do nothing but drive her further away. If it appears that you are ignoring her, she will begin to get curious as to why you are not trying to contact her, and she’ll call you. This is what you want to happen if you want to win back you’re ex girlfriend.

The best way to win back a girlfriend is to make her getting back together with you, her idea. As soon as she figures that you are done with her and moving on with your life, she’ll start to yearn to have you back, especially if she is aware of the fact that you are maybe seeing other women. This will drive her absolutely crazy, and she’ll start chasing you.

This is what you want.

When you do start dating, do not call her up and enlighten her to the fact that you now have a new woman in your life. She’ll see through this effort and it will only make her angry. It is better that she finds out by accidentally coming across you on a date, or maybe by hearing about your dates through other people. This way it will appear as if you have no interest in what her feelings are about you dating.

If your ex has any feelings left for you, it is almost a sure bet that within days of hearing about your escapades she will be on the phone to you, or stopping by to see how you are doing.

At this point if you want to win back your girlfriend, do not jump at the chance to ask her back; let her suggest it and even then, you may want to tell her that you need to think about it.

Give her a chance to wonder if she has lost you forever, and when you do get back together she’ll value your relationship even more.

Some of these ideas may seem extreme and make no mistake following these tips will be difficult. But remember this is only tips. How or what you feel in your heart or mind is something only you will know.

So make no mistake that I give these tips to help you if things you tried before or are busy trying are not working for you. So by giving you some extreme measures or ideas does not by any way diminish the fact that going through a breakup and wanting to win your ex girlfriend back is difficult and hard.

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