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Sunday, September 6, 2009

HOW TO Approach a woman when she is with other guys?

Have you ever been out and spotted a beautiful woman and wanted to approach her however she was with a guy. You don't know what their relationship is but they look like friends, they could even be together but you don't know. Has this stopped you before? Chances are it probably has and the fact is it affects a lot of guys out there from meeting a woman they deserve. As soon as they spot an attractive woman with a guy they get discouraged from approaching her.

I used to be affected by this until I relaised that most guys hanging around women and they "look like friends" are in fact friends. Usually they're guys just wanting to "get in" with her or become "more than friends" but she thinks otherwise.

I started realizing this when I began to approach mixed sets during the day, mixed sets are groups of people with a guy and a girl in it. I found that these "mixed sets" are easier to approach and more receptive than "girl-only" sets.

I also found that the girl is way more friendly and more open to conversation with me than a girl by herself or with her female friend.

3 Steps to Approaching Women With A Male friend:

1. Your prepared conversation starter should be something guy and girl friendly so keep it clean (no dirty or sleazy topics here).

2. Get the guy involved - this is important here. If you isolate and discourage the guy from joining in on the conversation then he'll get bored and either drag his female friend away (not good for you) or she'll sense he's getting restless and decide to leave so it's good to get him involved (just as long as he doesn't take over the interaction)

3. Close the deal. When you get her phone number make plans to meet at a cool bar or party and invite both of them. This way the guy wont feel out of place not being invited and the girl will be more receptive if you invite him. The key here is to call her up on the day of the party and say the plans have been cancelled due to some unforeseen reason however you guys should still catch up for a drink (just you and her)

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