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Sunday, September 6, 2009

HOW TO Flirt with woman?

Flirting is extremely fun for everyone playing the game. Women love it because they feel special. Men love it because they get to play with different women and it's socially acceptable. What could be more fun!

A great smile is the first way to flirt. Nothing quite like smiling at beautiful woman that's with someone else who's smiling back at you. Women love being noticed by men. A smile is the easiest and safest way to flirt from across the room. You don't want that guy she's with coming unglued.

Make sure that you showcase your masculinity. I don't mean show off your masculinity as in be real macho. I mean let her see that you are a strong man who is secure in his opinion of himself How you carry yourself and interact with others says a lot for you.

Make and maintain eye contact. People believe that the eyes are the windows to the soul. More importantly they know instinctively that by looking someone in the eye you have nothing to fear. It means you're secure, honest and open. By looking them in the eye you're letting them know that they're eye candy for you. Who doesn't like that?

Don't plaster a sardonic smile on your face but make sure that you keep smiling, especially as you're making eye contact. That smile says that you're friendly and it's an open invitation to smile back. Smiling is infectious and if you smile she'll likely smile and that will affect her mood toward you.

Women love big square shoulders. It displays a man's virility. Women generally go for a guy that's taller. One that slouches gives the impression that they're weak or sickly. Stand up straight like your mother told you and square those shoulders.

Mirroring is the art of duplicating the body language of another person. Be observant of her body language. Then duplicate it so it looks like she's looking in the mirror. If she raises her left arm as she's facing you then you raise your right arm. Become the mirror image of her and it will convey a comfortable connection in her mind.

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